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Hanging. Gibbet and barbed wire in concentration camp

Man Lies On A Floor After A Prescription Drug Overdose

The hands of a suicide on the railing of the bridge against the backdrop of road traffic

Businessman Doing Suicide From Bridge

Depressed woman silhouette

Businessman Doing Suicide Jump From Bridge

Hands of young man dismantle and clean the gun close-up. The guy preparing to kill human or commit suicide

Pretty blue-eyed caucasian woman in a black dress enjoying the fresh wind while standing near the open window, taking deep breath. Wind plays with her hair. Breathing, feeling bad

Red Pill Suicide

Depressed attractive young woman in white dress putting hanging noose around her neck, committing suicide in dark rustic shed, looking with hopeless desperate stare, feeling needless and lost.

Suicide in Bathtub


Female hand holding bridge handrail with blurred road at bottom. Unrecognizable young Caucasian suicidal woman attempting jump down. Suicide and crisis concept.

Gibbet and barbed wire in concentration camp. Hanging

Depressed woman silhouette


Desperate hopeless man sitting alone on floor swaying having suicide thoughts

Sad distressed woman thinking about suicide

Depressed adult male person sitting suffering effects of alcoholism, mental health issues and associated drug addiction disorders such as, desperation, stress, sadness, loneliness, anger, anxiety, stress, suicide thoughts and adult depression.


Wide shot of beautiful depressed suicidal woman standing on bridge edge attempting jump down. Portrait of frustrated desperate Caucasian millennial in urban city outdoors. Depression and suicide.

Very sad man at table black and white version


Live camera zoom in to stressed desperate young woman holding head in hands standing on urban embankment thinking. Depressed sad Caucasian brunette millennial planning suicide.


Close-up of sad desperate young beautiful suicidal woman standing on bridge with cars riding on road down turning looking at camera. Headshot of depressed hopeless Caucasian millennial want to jump.


Depressed disappointed man with broken heart because of break up crying abundantly laying on sofa having psychotic moment. Male trying to stifle pain and frustration, psychological suicidal thoughts

A man stands on the bridge wanting to jump down. Concept of suicide


Side view of suicidal young Caucasian woman standing on bridge looking down at cars passing on road. Portrait of depressed hopeless millennial thinking on suicide outdoors in urban city.


Female feet in black boots on bridge edge with blurred cars riding on road down. Unrecognizable depressed suicidal young woman attempting suicide in urban city outdoors.

8K Depressed Young Man Slow Mo Sadness Suicide Teddybear Comfort Slider Shot 4K

Suicidal Lonely Unhappy Adult male with depression contemplating suicide

profile of a man with close up of magnifying glass on word suicide

Asian woman feeling stress in severe depression


Hopeless depressed man overwhelmed by problems crying feeling loneliness

Man Lying On The Floor After Prescription Drug Overdose


Back view of suicidal young woman standing on urban bridge over city road turning looking at camera. Portrait of desperate Caucasian beautiful brokenhearted millennial attempting suicide outdoors.

Falling addict hand with syringe

Crazy girl with a big knife. Insanity.

Man Writing Suicide Note

Asian woman feeling stress in severe depression

Attractive blue-eyed sad woman in a black dress opens old-fashioned window, the wind blows in her pretty face, takes a deep breath. Depressed, moody atmosphere, having trouble. Slow motion

The silhouette of a man standing at a cliff edge contemplating jumping to commit suicide. This is an Animated character and not a real person.

Unrequited love . Girl with a kitten crying in a dark room. Pan shot from the top down


Unhappy depressed woman crying lying on sofa suffering from insomnia

Silhouette of man committing suicide in red


Frustrated stressed woman having headache feeling sad depressed, offended, lonely, vulnerable suffering from heartbreak, grieving person with psychological problem suicidal thoughts, chronic disease

A Man Lies On A Floor After Prescription Drug Overdose

Sad guy by the river at sunset


Sad depressed woman feeling headache fatigue loneliness

Crying depressed adult male person suffering Alcoholism and Loneliness


Sad depressed young woman crying mourning, upset stressed person in tears alone thinking of loneliness having anxiety, mental problems, chronic disease looking in distance suffer from major depression


Traumatised, frustrated, stressed, depressed woman listening music at phone, sitting alone on sofa feeling emotionally unstable, lonely desperate, vulnerable suffering from anxiety, chronic disease