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Unrecognizable student taking notes, reading information online on laptop, studying at coworking space, tracking shot


Office employees sit and discuss on start-up project in conference room with charts. Team of business partners interacting on negotiations. Corporate people talk on discussion. Students in university.

Medium long of young Biracial male professor wearing eyeglasses teaching investment and finance using graph on blackboard to diverse people sitting at table in conference room at daytime


Happy woman sending messages to friend using smartphone while smiling at camera. Cheerful young adult student chatting with colleague about project assignment while sitting on sofa. Handheld shot


Unrecognizable student studying at library, making online research on laptop and making notes in notebook, tracking shot

Self-motivated african american college student in headphones listening audio book for education, doing homework while sitting in academic library with blurry diverse students studying in background.

The student work with a laptop and paper. Real time capture

4k male hand writing on paper work using red pen fill up information, white a4 paper, job application, finding job, smart modern life style, indoor natural light, hand writing essay article, shot note


Young Middle Eastern teacher helping Black student with robotic solar system model project work

Group Of Students In Library Collaborating On Project

Tracking medium shot of multiethnic group of friends or colleagues using laptop computer, talking and smiling when working on project together

Close-up portrait of ponder young man in office. Designer plans his work and holding a pencil in his hand. Shooting is slow motion from below. Thoughtful serious man sit with laptop thinking solution


Thoughtful stylish handsome African male student learning, networking online on academic project using laptop pc while sitting on bench at university campus.

4k Female hands type on laptop keyboard touching touchpad with fingers smart phone lying near close up. No face woman sits on sofa freelancing working at home writes post comments in social networks

Group Of College Students Collaborating On Project In Library

Close up typing on laptop keyboard, slow motion dolly slide shot

Surprised man smiling while using laptop computer. Business man using laptop in creative office. Young businessman see unexpected results of his work. Student working on notebook in home workplace


Timelapse top shot of man with red hair, in denim shirt and jeans sitting on floor, working with documents, graphs and diagrams laid out around him, and writing on sticky notes


Businessman talking laptop computer at home office on lockdown period closeup. Focused ginger freelancer have online conference discuss project ideas with client. Student make notes watching lecture


Group of office employees sit and discuss on start-up project in conference room. Team of business partners interacting on negotiations. Corporate people talk on discussion. Students in university.

Medium closeup of cheerful mixed race student with laptop in hands making speech on computer programming topic smiling to classmates standing at board

Teacher helping student with his project in classroom


Businessman using chromakey laptop on sofa closeup. Student studying on weekend surfing web in pajamas. Unrecognized freelancer touching pad creating mockup project. Manager work at remote workplace.

Architect designer counting on a calculator, drawing plan blueprint close-up. Professional engineer working, interior creator making architectural house project, drafting building.


Time lapse top shot of Caucasian man with red hair sitting on floor, working on laptop with data graphs running on screen, analyzing charts, studying and writing on documents

Close up young woman typing on computer keyboard.


Focused Businessman in Eyeglasses Chatting and using Laptop Keyboard. Man Freelancer Concentrated on Work Project. Working Distance from Home Office Desk

Students working together in high school class

Time-lapse top shot of busy Caucasian man with red hair sitting on floor at home, writing computer code on laptop and working with documents, charts and diagrams laid out around him

woman online studying writing homework in notebook looking at laptop Spbd. internet self education, e-learning, distant learning. concept isolation, quarantine, business

Smiling african office worker drawing a project standing by the table while his colleques are helping him. Multiethnic group of people working together drawing a plan, working on project

Female student working on laptop to plan research project, writing information report and taking notes for homework assignment. Person using computer to do online university work.

Note sticker on transparent glass close-up. Working in office, creative designer using colorful reminder papers.


Stressed Businessman feeling Pain in Neck from Overwork at Office. Man Worried about Project Deadline, feeling Exhausted from Computer Work

Brainstorming meeting. Creative team discussing new ideas in coworking space

Deadline. Desperate african american woman freelancer looking at laptop with hopelessness, suffering from lots of work

Multiethnic diverse students meet at library work on group project


Happy little girls painting picture during creative art and craft class at school.


Group three diverse office workers discuss project on laptop screen


20s woman working on laptop sitting in armchair in the dark library. Female freelancer typing on laptop, writing essay. Millennial studying at home. Online working and education concept.


Office workers discuss start-up project in conference room with charts, laptop, tablet. Employees negotiate on meeting. Corporate people discuss plan, strategy, financials. Students talk in university

Young designer is standing near desk and drawing plan with ruler and compass, making notes in project. Architecture student is learning remotely at home in the evening.

Young professor in glasses and female student discussing project


Man and woman groupmates making project together at library, lady bringing stack of books for research, top view

Blonde caucasian guy sitting in college library and working on laptop, preparing for exams then looks on a camera and smiling. His classmates and book shelves on the background

Positive young colleagues discussing their project

Portrait of five young Caucasian university students studying together in cafe. Male and female friends working on student project in restaurant. Intelligence, education, lifestyle, unity.

Young adult browsing internet on laptop to do remote school work from home. Woman leaning educational course on online class lesson, using computer to plan project information.