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Medium shot of tired sleepy office worker staying up late working in office stressing deadlines


Waist-up of young Black woman sitting at desk in afternoon, looking through bills, stressing out because of financial debts

Dissatisfied CEO scolding incompetent employee in office pointing at documents. Angry bossy Caucasian middle aged manager rebuking young stressed man sitting at table. Failures in big business.

SLOW MOTION. Depressed entrepreneur in his office exhales and puts his hed in hands while reading a bad news in the mail. Stressing hours of work

businessman stressing over his work

Red haired woman looking annoyed while working on a project at school. Beautiful female student stressing out during the class. Group of students learning. Education, stress concept

Frustrated teenage girl crying as friends calming down sitting on bench on city street. Portrait of troubled depressed Caucasian teenager supported by girlfriends outdoors. Endorsement and friendship.

Portrait of angry middle aged man in eyeglasses shouting at assistant and employees sitting at conference table in office. Dissatisfied furious Caucasian CEO scolding office staff at meeting indoors.

Asian senior elderly man worry stressing about health medication fee at hospital

Portrait of sad depressed teenage Caucasian girl crying as friends supporting calming down girlfriend. Upset frustrated adolescent college student and friendly girls endorsing unhappy teenager.

Medium shot of overworked Arab businessman in glasses finishing work in office at night. He is closing his laptop in frustration and leaning back in chair while stressing over something

Portrait of crying hipster woman standing indoors as unrecognizable elegant lady criticizing talking and gesturing. Upset redhead Caucasian millennial daughter with rich stylish middle aged mother.

Side view of stressed overburdened Caucasian middle aged man sitting in office sighing taking off eyeglasses. Medium shot portrait of dissatisfied male CEO at workplace. Business problems concept.

Video worried asian woman stressing in bed, insomnia and thinking about life

Front view portrait of empathetic teenage girl calming down friend crying sitting outdoors. Supportive Caucasian girl endorsing classmate bullied in school. Lifestyle and adolescence.


Over-shoulder of unrecognizable man sitting at desk in afternoon, looking through bills, stressing out because of debts

Stressing african american man with big headache pain, suffering from migraine, rubbing his temples. Overwhelmed manager working from home office, exhausted guy from problems and job related stress

Medium shot of stressed shocked middle aged wealthy woman touching wrinkled face looking at camera. Mirror POV of aging Caucasian rich lady with desperate facial expression indoors at home.

Back view of overwhelmed African American young man in suit throwing paperwork putting hands on hips looking out the window in office. Stressed overburdened male manager freak out at workplace.

Beautiful nerd Caucasian teenage girl in eyeglasses sitting outdoors crying as empathetic classmate coming hugging calming down friend. Depressed stressed bullied student supported by friend.

Video worried stressing asian woman in bed, insomnia and thinking about life

Attractive female student stressing out, looking tired while working on a laptop

Video of Asian senior elderly man with hand on face thinking, stressing worry and sad

Close-up portrait of scared Caucasian teenage schoolgirl talking asking bullies let go as angry girls taking off eyeglasses pushing victim to the wall. Concept of social problem of bullying.

Front view of sad thoughtful tired Caucasian teenage girl listening to playlist in earphones sitting on city street on bench. Portrait of stressed adolescent teenager listening music thinking.

Anxiety Stress Fear Worry Signs Words 3 D Animation

Close-up wrinkled face of middle aged Caucasian woman looking at camera. Headshot portrait of sad desperate elegant wealthy lady touching wrinkles. Frustration and aging.

Back view of angry boss yelling and gesturing as group of colleagues sitting at conference table. Male Caucasian manager scolding office staff as woman leaving boardroom. Business conflicts concept.

Asian senior elderly guy with hand on face and thinking stressing

Exhausted tired Caucasian businesswoman falling asleep on bench in city with luggage. Wide shot of overwhelmed beautiful slim woman sleeping in sunshine with people passing at front.

Asian senior elderly man sad stressing worry and scare alone in hospital hallway

Stressed nervous horrified girl looking back at classmates laughing and looking at camera crying. Portrait of worried desperate bullied student posing outdoors. Bullying and adolescent aggression.

mom stressing out over bills

Close-up tapping female feet in white fashionable high-heels. Unrecognizable nervous impatient Caucasian slim woman waiting outdoors in sunshine.

Close up view of Pretty Businesswoman Talking on Smartphone. Woman is in Hurry. Stressing and Busy Girl. Running Outdoor while Talking. Huge Glass Building in the Background.

Attractive young woman looking upset, worrying about something. Teenage girl having depression or anxiety on green background. Beautiful woman stressing out. Unhappy, troubled concept.

Portrait of desperate crying teenage girl looking at camera as bullies taking off eyeglasses shaking out backpack running away leaving. Hopeless Caucasian beautiful student bullied by classmates.

Elegant middle aged mother criticizing hipster daughter as millennial crying. Portrait of rich stylish Caucasian lady explaining good manners for ungraceful woman. Style concept.

Asian senior man thinking and calculating at store before buying stuffs


Chest-up of young African American woman opening envelope with invoice, stressing out sitting at desk in living room at daytime


Irritated man throw document papers at country club. Golfer go away outside close up. Angry businessman fight leave fairway in summer evening. Young guy stressing on nature. Conflict concept.

beautiful Asian woman sitting and thinking in black and white

Scared frightened bullied teenage girl sitting on the floor in corner hiding head with hands as unrecognizable classmates standing. Portrait of depressed desperate hopeless teenager. Bullying concept.

Asian Senior Elderly Man Thinking stressing Window Glass Background

Asian Senior elderly Woman Worry stressing Sigh Thinking At Home

Beautiful eyes Asian girl thinking then looking at camera with stressing emotion

Caucasian businesswoman with symptoms of heart attack holding stomach as young woman helping calling emergency ambulance. Portrait of unwell lady outdoors at sea embankment.

Asian senior man thinking stressing in tram while morning sun hitting his face