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Empty hospital corridor interior. Empty hallway hospital. White wall in corridor hospital. Factory white corridor. Long corridor with doors. Pharmaceutical factory hallway. Clinic hallway

Doctor put packages with sterile instruments in sterilizer

Surgeons washing hands before surgery

Professional bald dentist wearing dental loupes while drilling tooth of black man in clinic

Female hands using hand sanitizer gel pump dispenser antibacterial antiseptic. Medical mask at background.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment. Medicine ampoules control testing. Pharma manufacturing machinery. Medical vials manufacturing machinery. Modern pharmaceutical production technology

Competent doctor in mask and gloves providing professional consultation about covid vaccine to female patient. Preparation for injection. Vaccination concept.


Serious surgeon performing surgical treatment in ward. Medical team cooperation. Nurse assisting professional african american doctor handing sterile tampons in clinic. Healthcare specialists concept.

Syringe needle pierces the rubber stopper of the glass vial.

Medium close-up of a scientist in hazmat suit checking pressure gauges while holding transparent display screen

Nurse with IV bag

Hospital medical team performing surgery in operating room

Medical Professional Uses A Breathing Device To Help A Hospitalized Elderly Woman


Portrait african american surgeon performing surgical operation in clinic room. Focused professional doctor hold clamps bloody tampons in protective medical suit. Operating healthcare worker concept.

Slow motion of surgeon wearing surgical gloves before surgery


Surgeons team operating in dark sterile ward. Medical workers saving patient. Professional doctors performing surgical operation in hospital operating room. Healthcare workers in emergency theater.

Medium close-up of a scientist examining sample with a microscope

Eye of a Doctor at surgical mask

Young Asian woman in medical mask and shield taking order from African American man at table in modern cafe during coronavirus outbreak

Medicine vials on pharmaceutical production line. Close up of automated manufacturing line. Pharmaceutical industry. Medical ampoules on conveyor belt

Woman in orange sterility suit using touch screen panel to close refrigerator storehouse at pharmaceutical factory. Female worker in uniform using automated closing warehouse in pharmacy factory.


Selective focus shot of African American engineer in sterile gloves holding microprocessor in laboratory

Rack focus of anonymous person in latex glove tapping monitor of computer during work in modern genetic laboratory


Professional Asian doctor or hygiene beautician on wearing white medical mask, a protective uniform and pink latex gloves. Operation Preparation Procedure. Infectious Coronavirus Spreading Prevention

A doctor is checking a persons blood pressure before he donates blood

Sequence of shots of nurse preparing fluid bag and giving IV therapy to young female patient lying on medical couch in hospital ward

scientist hand putting test tubes ampoules bottles in pcr machine Spbas. dna test, molecular biology technology. concept examining, diagnostics, pharmaceutical laboratory


Close-up two unrecognizable female doctors putting on rubber gloves. Caucasian women getting ready for surgical operation or medical examination indoors in hospital.

Team of surgeons in operating room in process of completing the reimplantation surgery


Surgeon performing hard operation taking out bloody tampon in emergency room. Focused woman doctor operating on patient disease in modern hospital theatre. Confident medical worker save life in clinic


Surgeon hands using clamp operating room closeup. Hospital intensive care unit. Unrecognized doctor healthcare professional perform operation modern medical clinic. Unknown nurse assist practitioner

Positive result of covid-19 in a hand of a doctor


Portrait professional surgeon operating patient in hospital emergency room. Serious african american man doctor communicating with unknown nurse perform surgical operation. Healthcare worker concept.

Female doctor hands putting on sterile gloves. Laboratory worker preparing for work. Close up of woman hands putting on surgeon gloves. Healthcare worker wearing medical gloves


Infectious disease prevention. Asian medical professional beautician or doctor puts on face mask inside operating pink office. Hygienic healthcare workers in Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic prevention


Surgeon hands making incision using scalpel in dark hospital ward close up. Unrecognized nurse assistant help doctor handing surgical instruments. Medical workers perform operation in emergency room.


Doctors team performing surgical operation in dark hospital operating room. Focused african american man surgeon give bloody tampons to assisting nurse. Healthcare professionals work in emergency unit


Portrait surgeon performing operation in dark hospital intensive care unit room. Unknown nurse assisting tired woman wipe sweat from forehead during procedure. Medical emergency healthcare concept.


Doctor hands performing operation close up. Medical tools in dark surgery room. Unrecognizable surgeon suturing incision hospital operating theater. Healthcare worker using forceps in emergency room.


Professional medical workers performing operation in dark operating theater. Focused nurse assisting surgeon helping with equipment in hospital operating room. Doctors team saving patient life concept

Young woman in protective sterile medical face mask using hand sanitizer liquid in a car, pandemic coronavirus concept


Front view concentrated plastic surgeon doing facial operation in slow motion indoors. Portrait of focused Caucasian man making dissection during blepharoplasty in medical clinic surgery room.


Professional surgeon stitch incision in operating room. Intensive care unit team. Unknown doctors performing operation suture wound on unconscious patient in hospital building. Surgery process concept


Medical team hands performing operation using sterile surgical tools close up. Unknown professional surgeon holding instruments tampons in clinic emergency room. Healthcare specialists saving patient.

PAN with close up of happy female nurse in blue scrubs and cap smiling before camera


Doctors operating in emergency room. Cooperating medical workers saving patient. Focused african american man surgeon performing surgical treatment in hospital ward. Surgery process in clinic concept.


Professional surgeon making incision before operating in dark surgery room. Unrecognized practitioner teaching intern doctors holding medical scalpel in hospital ward. Healthcare system worker concept


African american surgeon operating patient in sterile hospital emergency room. Female nurse assist focused surgeon holding surgical instruments in clinic ward. Cooperating medical workers save patient