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Industrial concept. A crane hook hanging on a chain holding an industrial detail

Industrial worker casting metal at metallurgical factory. Molding molten metal at industrial plant. Manufacturing iron products in heavy industry

Metallurgical plant, red-hot metal bar on the conveyor. Hot iron in the shape of a beam.

Metallic, steel or aluminum rectangular pipes and tubes on warehouse. Time lapse. Moving clouds

Metallic, steel or aluminum rectangular pipes and tubes on warehouse. Time lapse. Moving clouds

Worker using industrial grinder on metal parts in industrial workshop warehouse

Gray metallic pipes. Stainless steel texture. Metals used in engineering.

Closeup of pipes on warehouse. Panning on row of steel pipes. Metal pipes. Reflections on metal pipes

Hard work in a foundry. Metal smelting furnace in steel mill. Molten metal pouring, metallurgy, steel casting foundry. Steel manufacturing

Industrial, workshop for production of handling removable devices.

Worker puts polished stainless steel parts to the top at metal factory by man in gloves

welder Industrial automotive part in factory

Industrial cable production. Aluminum wire pulley rolling.

Close-up view of legs in foreground of a worker man in blue jeans, cutting rebar with a saw blade at construction site. Right leg is on the metal tubes which are on wooden stud, sparks from process.

Molten metal pouring out of furnace. Liquid metal from blast furnace. Metallurgical industry process. Molten metal foundry. Pouring molten steel. Liquid steel pouring. Hot metal steel blast furnace

Cold rolled steel products manufacturing technology. Automatic bending machine for metal sheet profiling. Close up steel rotating rollers. Industrial metal work processing at steel factory

Fiberglass kernels in rods - ready production in plant

A huge press at the metallurgical plant


Modern Loft-style offices located in the old factory buildings

Automobile assembly line production in car factory

rotating white tablets on pharmaceutical conveyor factory Spbd. developing test manufacture of pills on pharmaceutical lab. automated production of vitamin. concept healthcare

Worker puts a sheet of steel on CNC laser machine on metalwork manufacture

Process of welding two parts of the detail together - blue glow and sparkles

Stack of steel parts. Smooth metal surface.

Liquid metal in the factory, foundry, smelting iron and processing. Iron and Steel Works. Pouring of molten iron.

steel products for construction on a white background. 3D render.

Workflow at the factory. Steel pipes production line. Production process at manufacturing plant. Manufacturing line of stainless steel pipes. Industrial equipment at factory. Heavy industry

Floating Field of Metallic Debris Cubes

abstract metal background

Hot metal in the shape of a close-up Metallurgical plant, red-hot metal bar on the conveyor. Hot iron in the shape of a beam.

Warehouse with metal ready production. Steel metal pipes stored in freight terminal. Steel industry, metal production, manufacturing. Camera moving from right to left.

Sheet metal cutting machine for the production of steel pipes. machine for slitting steel sheet. Industrial machine for steel coils cut.

Industrial concept. Construction plant. A man controlling the process of manufacturing

Grey haired blacksmith in apron, protective gloves and goggles using cutting wheel at work in smithy

metal steel pipes

Blacksmith at work, red hot steel, forge.

construction of a large hangar, steel frame of the building video drone

Hot steel billets continuous casting at a metallurgical plant

Hot metal sparks from blast furnace. Fire sparks. Sparks of molten metal furnace. Molten steel sparks. Fire sparkles. Metal industry. Splashing hot steel


Blacksmith workshop - a man holding metal chandelier with pincers standing near the pressing machine

Warehouse of metal tubes

welder Industrial automotive part in factory

4 in 1 - Industrial manufacturing. Working with an iron pipe details. Welding process.

Industrial employees using inversion heater for metal piece in production hall

.blacksmith or welder,with its grinding smooths steel and iron,in extreme slow motion,to make the surface smooth.The grinding wheel contact with the iron causes sparks.concept:work,locksmith industry.

Metalworking CNC lathe milling machine. Cutting metal modern processing technology. Milling is the process of machining using rotary cutters to remove material by advancing a cutter into a workpiece.

Industrial production. A man works at the computer

Hot metal pout out from blast furnace. Liquid metal pouring from blast furnace. Molten metal pouring from industrial furnace. Liquid steel falling from blast furnace. Liquid iron flow