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Horse stables with wooden doors and horses. Moving camera. sun shines in the camera. 3 horses in the stable eat grass

Zoom out view of illuminated manger covered with white sheet located in dark inn stable on day of Jesus Christ birth in Bethlehem

Brown chewing horse locked in the paddock

A cleaner on a farm for breeding cows

The horse is in the stable

Herd of sheep. Dity lambs and sheep in a stable. Sheep in barn.

Stable Value Fund Safe Investment Smart Protect Money Market Ticker 3 D Animation

Slow Motion Of A Farmer Milking Her Cow In The Barn

Stablecoin Cryptocurrency Money Digital Currency Stable Value Coin 3 D Animation

Young girl walks near cows at the farm

Little girl using napkin to clean muzzle of chestnut horse with bridle in stable on farm

Financial Stability Stock Market Investment Wealth Stable Income 3 D Animation

close-up of a horse's hoof in the snow

Brown riding horse standing in the barn and chewing. Portraiture

Brown horse standing on the field and eating hay

Face funny brown horse in a stables in cage competition nature ride stallion water cowboy rider cute active compete dirt dusty light fast feet field ground hoof muscle strong herd mammal close up

Cows eating Silage in a large dairy farm, milk production

Anonymous girl stroking and touching horns of goat while spending time with crop grandparent in sunlit stable.

Horse in wooden box stall stable feeds on hay from a trough or bin


Ongole Crossbred cattle or Javanese Cow or White Cow or Bos taurus is the largest cattle in Indonesia in traditional farm, Indonesia. Traditional livestock breeding.

Farm goats inside a barn. Many goats eating hay in stall at breeding farm. Farming and animal husbandry concept.

Brown horse in the field by the road near the pond

Woman rider puts a saddle on her horse and prepare animal for dressage

Brown horses eating hay in a farmyard

people give leafy stalks to cute goats in cages

Woman putting saddle on clean horse standing near a stall

Close up of a beautiful brown horse outdoors. Eyes of hoofed animal. Rural ranch life.

Rider leading horse in the stable

A senior man with a hat putting a saddle on a horse in a stable. Slow motion.


Simmental cattle with its head through a fence inside a barn in traditional farm, Indonesia. Traditional livestock breeding.

Paddocks with horses outdoors


Picturesque isolated Italian village with abandoned old houses and farmland, aerial view shot of uninhabited brick house of countryside remote location surrounded in the heart of mountains hills

Black and white footage of a barrack with wire fence. Communism concept

Cute girl in a stable stroge brown horse in dark background light play funny hobby farm female animal beautiful woman young countryside rider ranch equine nature pet ride stable face close up

Close up on horse eating from woman hand

Woman rider brushing horse and prepare animal for dressage

Slow motion of young guy unsaddling the horse

Cows in stall. Animals are chewing. Best feeds for healthy livestock. Farm provides conditions for husbandry.

Domestic donkeys standing and looking at the camera on farm in sunny day

Herd of cows in stall. Animals are standing and chewing. Livestock farm in the village. Invest into rural economy.

Grazing horse in Normandy, France

Two young women feeding horses and petting them

Herd of sheep. Dity lambs and sheep in a stable. Sheep in barn.

Horse on farm at sunset

Cows eating Silage in a large dairy farm, milk production

Small donkey and pony in box stall eat thier lunch at the farm.

Young newborn calves in cages in a dairy farm

Herd of sheep. Dity lambs and sheep in a stable. Sheep in barn.