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Rear view of ranger team walking through a field in slow motion

Stressed army soldier taking helmet off, covering face with hands after hard combat while sitting on ground. Tired of violence and fight special forces ranger sitting in deep depression after battle.

UKRAINE, KIEV, AUGUST 24, 2016: Ceremonial parade at Kiev main street - Khreshchatyk,dedicated to 25th anniversary of Ukraines independence. Soldiers in military uniform. Servicemen at military parade

Medium slow motion shot of fully equipped and armed soldiers walking in single file by the side of a lake

Cheerful woman running out of house and embracing military husband back at home excited with happiness

soldiers marching by the street

slow motion soldier running at the Arctic Thunder Airshow - Open House 2014

Squad of special forces rangers with combat shotgun rescuing injured and unconscious soldier from battlefield under enemy fire. Army medics dragging wounded fellow away to safe place during combat.

Military tank in movement on a dirt ground terrain. Aerial View

Medium shot of three soldiers posing with guns against the backdrop of a lake as the sun sets behind them

A soldier from a Command Security Team in Afghanistan

173rd Airborne Brigade UH-60 helicopter parachute Jump

Old Historical Retro Vintage Army Soldieron Battlefield

Squad of fully armed commando soldiers during combat in a forest scenery

soldiers walking by the street

Group of armed young soldiers in a zone of armed conflict in uniform targeting with assault rifles in forest, slow motion, airsoft

GAIZIUNAI, LITHUANIA - JUNE 18, 2015: Group of soldiers stand together. Army soldiers during NATO exercise Saber Strike 2015. Editorial use only.

Two adorable little girls with usa backgrounds hug their father. Embracing arrived daddy, meet a hero in the park.

Patriotic Soldier Puts Hand Over His Heart

American G.I. stands on the beach at D-Day (animated photos)

Person Saluting To The Sky

Soldier firing a rifle

Medium slow motion shot of fully equipped and armed soldiers walking in single file by the side of a lake at sunset

Closeup of special forces soldiers feet in army boots climbing up dusty stairway in abandoned building during military operation. Squad of army soldiers jumping target in building occupied by enemy.

Close-up of male Caucasian hands holding US Army stripe. Lonely veteran recalling memories indoors. Old man spending day alone at home. Lifestyle, veterancy, retirement, military discharge.

Special forces squad in camouflage running under attack and aiming shotguns. SLOWMO footage

Medium slow motion shot of a group soldiers taking a break during an assault

Special Forces soldiers in action. Elite squad moves through fire and smoke in forest

Little girl playing with father's hand. Daugther of soldier military daddy.

Medium slow motion shot of soldiers taking a rest during an assault and removing their helmets

Guerilla partisan warrior aiming in forest ambush carrying his gun. War battlefield maneuvers training

soldiers walking by the street

Army soldier saving life of warrior, carrying wounded unconscious comrade in his arms during combat. Special force marine rescuing injured fellow in arms from battlefield during military operation

Distraught soldier in combat uniform suffering post traumatic stress disorder during battle. Shocked special forces marine fully equipped and armed sitting in ruined building, suffering combat stress.

WWII army air corps captain sitting at his desk going over recon photos

wwii army air corps officer going over aerial photographs

Cheerful woman with children welcoming father and husband from military service looking super excited

Military men helping wounded soldier and hiding in ambush

Portrait of happy U.S. army officer in military uniform sitting at desk in office, then turning and smiling for camera

Back view soldier in uniform walk with daughters. Military man in camoubackgrounde walking holding hands of his little daughters.

UKRAINE, KIEV, AUGUST 24, 2016: Servicemen at military parade. Ceremonial parade at Kiev main street - Khreshchatyk,dedicated to 25th anniversary of Ukraines independence. Soldiers in military uniform

MV-22 Osprey Republic of Korea and U.S. Marines conduct a vertical assault

Soldier lying with sniper rifle on battlefield and aiming

Medium slow motion shot of African American soldier sitting during a break in an assault and discussing a strategy and reload their weapon

Military BlackHawk helicopter during a rescue mission in a base

Hands of military father and his daughter. Hands playing of daddy and little girl.


Soldiers Prepare for Deployment of drone and preparing for military action

World War 2 American soldier stands in his jeep as Spitfires fly past on the beaches of Normandy