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"shopping for groceries"
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Timelapse grocery supermarket

Shopping Cart POV

Grocery store time lapse

Shopping Cart view of Grocery time lapse

Young beautiful family walking in supermarket: man pushing shopping cart with his little son and woman carrying paper bag with groceries

Shopping cart rolling through the produce section of a grocery store


Grocery shopping delivery. Self-isolated lady in facemask paying for groceries with smartphone, receiving shopper bag

Slowmo tracking shot of woman walking beside man in face mask pushing cart full of groceries while shopping in supermarket

Checkout Shopping Cart with Products in Supermarket

4K Browsing For Food On Grocery Delivery App


Young attractive brunette woman carries her little daughter in a supermarket trolley among the rows of groceries. Family shopping concept

Time lapse of the shopping cart moving between various aisles and section in the big supermarket. Woman shopping in a grocery store

Delivery man delivering package of grocery.

Delivery man delivering package of grocery.


Close-up of mom and daughter in the supermarket while shopping, looking at the smartphone screen, leafing through the pages and choosing groceries. Chromakey on the phone screen

Grocery Store Shopping Cart

Couple Returning Home From Shopping Trip Unpacking Plastic Free Grocery Bags

Shopping in the supermarket, view of the male legs from inside the trolley. A guy pushing shopping cart by the supermarket aisle. Cropped, close up footage. Slow motion


Little girl with her mother in the supermarket, sitting in a cart and helping her mother to choose grocery. Busy mom in the supermarket talking on the phone and putting tomatoes in a paper bag

Young woman chooses cat food near the shop window in the big store

Hands of unrecognizable senior with smartphone doing shopping in supermarket, checking.

Man Shopping In Supermarket

Man wearing protective disposable gloves checking in his groceries that were delivered comparing it with his online order from his smart phone during the COVID-19 pandemic


Positive multinational couple of buyers talking while walking with shopping cart through grocery store. Cheerful young shoppers choosing organic farm products from variety sold in supermarket

Empty shopping trolley - choosing items in the grocery shop indoors

Female customer buying vegetables at the supermarket. Cropped shot of a female customer putting peppers into her shopping basket at the supermarket. Woman buying vegetables at the groceries store

Adult male wearing a face mask pushing a shopping cart along a grocery store isle, looking at the shelves of limited stock caused by COVID-19 panic

Young woman shopping in the yogurt section at the grocery store.

Shopping cart moving down a supermarket isle

Slowmo tracking of young man in face mask taking paper bag with groceries out of shopping cart and putting it into trunk of car after shopping in supermarket with his girlfriend during pandemic


Portrait of lovely mom and daughter in supermarket with packages full of greens and fruits, healthy food, family shopping

Young woman taking products from the shelves and putting them into cart pushed by guy

Shopping trolley - choosing items in the grocery department


Young multiracial couple smiling, taking groceries out of trolley and putting it into car. Parking lot, shopping in supermarket. Food in eco bags

Shot from inside of car of curly young woman handing paper bags of groceries to man in face mask loading it into trunk

Editorial: Asian girl, woman shopping for food in wholesale supermarket

Slowmo tracking shot of young woman in face mask pushing cart with groceries and walking outdoors before supermarket


Vegetarian man carrying grocery cart full of fresh organic fruits and taking zucchini from store shelf. Young healthy eating shopper choosing vegetables and fruits in supermarket

Adult male wearing a face mask pushing a shopping cart along a grocery store isle, searching for necessities on shelves amid COVID-19 panic

Shopping trolley - choosing crisps in the grocery department

Paying for groceries

CHIANG RAI, THAILAND - SEPTEMBER 20 : unidentified asian woman looking for products in superstore on September 20, 2018 in Chiang rai, Thailand.


Beautiful young serene shopper woman in face mask using smart phone news reading app at mall passage carrying paper bags

Man Shopping In Supermarket

Toronto, Canada - June 19 2020: Customers line up to enter a grocery store one at a time while social distancing

Aged lady is smiling and holding paper bag of groceries, baguette and lettuce, while walking in autumn park

Crop people taking groceries out from paper bag


Lovely family, a mother and daughter wearing masks, buy green peas at the supermarket and put it in a paper bag. Girl sitting in a cart and holding a shopping list