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Schoolgirls having fun after school on the street. Girl student wearing the same school uniform laughing and singing after school in the Park.


school teacher and schoolgirls animation

School kids answering questions in class, shot on R3D

Female infant school teacher reading a book to kids in a comfortable corner of classroom, side view

Diverse group of children in face masks studying in classroom during coronavirus pandemic. Multi ethnic students writing in notebooks at school lesson. Focused pupils schooling in school auditorium

Elementary school pupils listen and smile in class, close up

Crane shot of male teacher helping students with tablet computers at school. Mixed race kids learning with modern gadgets in classroom. Clever pupils doing classwork on digital tablets at lesson

Crane shot of mixed race children having lesson with teacher at school. Male school teacher explaining task of lesson to pupils. School students writing in exercise books

Asian woman teaching young kids in school, low angle view

Teacher studying school books in class with high school kids

5th grade schoolkids answer questions in class, shot on R3D

Girlfriend Schoolgirls with backpacks coming from school, the view from the back side

Close up of the cute and pretty two small Caucasian girls with fair hair laughing, hugging and having fun in the park in summer. Portrait.

Young students playing Rock Paper Scissors. Cute schoolgirls student couple in school uniform are having fun playing

Teacher reading kids a story in an elementary school class

Young schoolteacher walking in classroom with school students. Diligent pupils doing test on digital tablets at elementary school. Smart children using tablet computers at school lesson

Little girls in a science class

Slowmo shot of three multiethnic school friends with backpacks sitting at playground in schoolyard gesticulating while having conversation

Students in medical masks sit in the classroom and deal with the task of the teacher.

Teacher helps schoolboy in class, close up, shot on R3D

Pretty teen Caucasian happy girl running together cheerfully with her small cute sister in the park in sunlight and holding hand in hand.

Teacher studying books in class with school kids, close up

Handheld tracking shot of unrecognizable female teacher handing out tests to middle school children in face masks sitting at desks in classroom

Crane shot of mixed race students writing in exercise books at school class. Male teacher walking in class between desks with pupils. Young schoolteacher looking children doing test in classroom

Side view of mixed-race schoolgirls studying on digital tablet in the classroom 4k

Schoolgirls in a lesson at a township school 4k

Schoolgirls having fun after school on the street. Girl student wearing the same school uniform laughing and singing after school in the Park.

Crane shot of smiling schoolteacher explaining lesson to students at school. Smart children raising hands to answer question. Positive male teacher talking with pupils during school lesson

Rear-view medium slowmo of three multiethnic schoolgirls sitting in row at desks in modern classroom while unrecognizable male African-American teacher disinfecting students hands with sanitizer


back to school animation with schoolgirls in classroom

Schoolgirls taking selfies in the playground at a township school 4k

Nerd teenage girl standing at wall as bullies threatening pushing kid. Angry schoolgirls bullying smart cute teenager outdoors. Lifestyle and mistreatment concept.

Female infant school teacher showing a book to kids in a comfortable corner of classroom, close up

Elementary school kids climbing in the school playground

Argued schoolgirls sitting back to back in classroom talking and showing tongue out. Irritated sad African American and Caucasian girls arguing in school indoors. Friendship problems.

Tilt down shot of girls in face masks sitting at desks in classroom and writing in notebooks during lesson in middle school

Schoolgirls in the playground with books 4k

Female teacher writing with finger on interactive digital whiteboard in classroom. Young schoolteacher drawing task on smart board. Students raising hands to answer question in school class

Elementary school kids spinning in a playground

Female infant school teacher sitting at a table in class giving pencils to children

Portrait shot of happy schoolgirls with backpacks standing together in park on sunny summer day and smiling for camera

Teacher using whiteboard in class at an elementary school

School teacher talking to kids before they get on school bus

Smiling female infant school teacher sitting in front of class talking to school kids, front view

Kids grab toy bricks from a conveyor belt at science centre

Elementary schoolchildren listen and laugh in class

Bottom view of three aggressive Caucasian teenage girls talking threatening someone. Portrait of adolescent schoolgirls bullying. Adolescence and aggression concept.

Slowmo shot of two preteen schoolgirls with backpacks looking at copybook discussing homework sitting outdoors on sunny day Boys playing games on smartphone in background