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Diamond Ring rotates then stops

Portrait of unrecognized bearded man holding golden wedding ring sitting at home. The guy going to make a proposition for his girlfriend or remembers the pleasant moments of family life.

Gold Ring With Diamond Rotating Around Into Focus On White Surface

Animation of Golden Wedding Rings

gold wedding rings and hands of just married couple Close up on hand of a man put on an engagement ring on the finger of the bride ,Shot on RED Digital Cinema Camera in 4K

Golden wedding rings on mirror glasses table - one lies top of another, macro

A Man wears an engagement Ring to a Woman's Finger on a Street

Jewel. White Gold Ring Rotates On A Black Background

3D jewelry wedding gold ring with white diamonds, spinning sparkling seamless HD

Manicured hands putting on ring. Young woman hands with beautiful pastel manicure putting on golden ring with diamond on finger. Beauty and luxury concept.

Beautiful wedding ring on the table and brought into focus the camera

Portrait of a girl and man - boy getting down on his Knee and Proposing to Woman on summer meadow - Couple Gets Engaged at Sunset - Man Putting Ring on Girl's Finger

glowing ring with sparks 4K abstract background

Closeup of shining silver rings with diamonds on tray in jewelry store

Man fitting ring on finger of girlfriend as he proposes a marriage or engagement at table outside

Close up of proposal made on a day of New Year. Be my wife, happy moment.

Wedding ring sparkling in sun

Gold Rings On Black Wet Surface On Black Background In Smoke

Wedding rings lie on a rock with moss in nature, close-up.


Doubting groom twirls a wedding ring in his hands before the engagement


Top view PAN of hand of jeweler putting metal ring in seashell while showcasing her work


PAN of female jeweler sitting at table and weighing metal ring, then photographing it with her mobile phone for marketing on social media


PAN mid-section of unrecognizable female jeweler packing order. She is weighing metal ring and putting it into pouch

African American man proposing wedding at beach


Medium shot of female jeweler sitting at workbench in studio and soldering metal ring


Extreme close up of unrecognizable jeweler putting metal ring into vise or clamp and polishing it

Young woman is getting ready for the day in the morning and putting the earrings on looking in bathroom mirror


Panning extreme close up shot of soldering metal ring with torch


Extreme close up of hands of female jeweler polishing silver ring with buffing wheel


Extreme close up of hands of unrecognizable jeweler polishing silver ring with small buffing wheel

Closeup of various silver rings with diamonds on showcase in jewelry store

Jewels Market - the seller shows gold jewelry earrings, rings, bracelets, chain


Extreme close up shot of unrecognizable jeweler using flex shaft tool and polishing wax mold ring

Wedding - groom holds golden wedding rings on palm of hand

wedding rings on a rock crystal

Cropped view of witch with rings sticking needle in voodoo doll

Bride in a beautiful white dress, hands with a wedding ring with a jewel close-up. Morning of the bride. Wedding day.

Energy Portal Ring


Medium shot of senior clergyman wearing festive robe solemnizing marriage of young couple in church. Groom putting wedding ring on finger of his charming bride

Close-up portrait of groom at multi ethnic wedding. The wedding ceremony of a mixed race couple

Man putting engagement ring on woman hand outdoors. Young man making marriage proposal to girlfriend. Beautiful sunny day.

Female hand emphasis on wedding ring

Jewel. White Gold Ring Rotates On A Black Background. Close-Up

Wedding proposal. Close shot of hands. Love, family, relationship, wedding concept. Filmed on REd 4k, 10 bit color

Close up brides correcting wedding ring on her hand.

Close up of gold wedding rings on purple flowers backround.

Cute hands touching. Hands of wedding couple with wedding rings on fingers. Bride strokes bridegrooms hand. Woman strokes mans hand. People in love. Just married couple. Romantic atmosphere.

Ring of Light Particles | Version 3 | Colorful Glowing Orbs of Light in Circular Formation | Seamless Looping Motion Background | Video Backdrop | Full HD 1920 X 1080 | Gold Golden