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Man checking plans and looks irritated while having problems with it, steadycam

Shot of stressed business man in the office

Shot of stressed business man in the office

Portrait of stressed man at home. Problems in the relationships. Betrayal, mistrust, breakup concept. The man in depression. Restless man having problems in personal life suffers break up.

An abstract concept of isolation and confinement.

Stressed Caucasian boy holding head in hands as sitting in front of laptop. Side view portrait of depressed college student having studying difficulties or personal problems. Lifestyle, stress.

Sad guy by the river at sunset

Depressed Hispanic Girl With Sad Emotions And Feelings

Businesswoman looks devastated while having problems with work, steadycam shot

Silhouette of a sad locked teenager outside a room door. Tough parenting methods

Close up of a depressed woman thinking about her problems

Depression and pain. The guy is sitting on the roadway and sad

Man is worried because of problems

Problem Solution Solve Trouble Issue Road Signs

Frustrated owner sitting on floor in closed cafe or coffee shop, small business lockdown due to coronavirus.

Puzzled overworked lovely african american woman freelancer facing problems with new business project, stuck in work tasks, throwing financial charts up in despair and irritation while working at home

Sad young man standing leaning on a fence on the embankment on the bridge

Therapy and consultation with a psychologist. Unrecognizable man is nervous and gesticulates with his hands

Couple having relationship problems, solve their


Depressed man crying feeling loneliness, chronic fatigue

Sad young guy standing by the fence by the river and looking into the distance

Depressed young biracial girl thinking of psychological problems.

Close-up of a depressed drug addict staring away

Stressful woman working on laptop computer at working place. Sleepy businesswoman typing on computer in late night office. Overworked hipster girl making project at workplace.

Business man thinking about new strategy in home workplace. Young businessman thinking about solving business problems in cozy office. Hipster try to find idea for new startup

Emotions Closeup: Anger, Rage, Nervously Clenched Fist/Businessman nervously clenches his fist, then puts it behind his back. We can see that he is really stressed and nervous

Portrait of tired woman with glasses sitting at desk and working with laptop checking time and looking forward to go home computer office professional internet tired business technology slow motion.

Front view of sad and depressed woman indoors, mental health concept. Slow motion.

Sad, overwhelmed man sitting with bills at home at night

Portrait of stressed woman at home. Problems in the relationships. Betrayal, mistrust, breakup concept. Restless girl having problems in personal life suffers break up, misunderstanding in family.

man thinking about problems

4K Lost man silhouette runs to dark tunnel exit. Back view. Abstract silhouette shot. Escape. Problems and depression.

Jealous husband unable to control aggression yelling at wife, calling out cheater and humiliating woman with distrust. Mad man raising hand threatening with violence during family conflict in kitchen.

depressed and very upset young man in the car. problems in business or personal life

Back view of furious irritated angry man beating grey wall. Middle shot of aggressive Caucasian businessman having problems. Anger and fury concept.

Tired Businesswoman Business Woman With Headache In Office At Night

Attacked by problems. Young frustrated man expressing sadness while sitting at the table and propping his head up

Hopeless adult woman thinking about her problems

Concerned thoughtful young beautiful woman standing on the roof at the sunset, her long hair blowing wind. slow motion.


Frustrated owner sitting at table in closed cafe, small business lockdown due to coronavirus.

Puzzled attractive african american female driver standing near open car hood, browsing online on cellphone for roadside assistance after vehicle breakdown in the city street.

Overwhelmed Caucasian man holding head in hands sitting at table with laptop. Portrait of stressed tired businessman working online on coronavirus pandemic lockdown. Business problems and stress.

young beautiful woman walks down the city street and looks around, bright sunlight on the background. Feeling worried problems confused

Portrait of stressed caucasian man at home. Problems in the relationships. Betrayal, mistrust, breakup concept. The man in depression. Restless man having problems in personal life suffers break up.

Top view of upset depressed attractive mixed race female with curly hair hugging pillow, lying on sofa ignoring chihuahua dog, expressing despair, hopelessness and misery, feeling solitude and grief.

Senior retired woman patient in visit to her cardiologist doctor. Heart disease problems presented by cardiologist cardiology, heart attach. Health care in modern private clinic. Medical staff

A close up portrait of homeless dirty beggar man sitting outdoors. Slow motion.

Violence At Home Social Issues With Man And Woman Fighting