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Silhouette young man praying outside at beautiful sunset. Male asks for help finding solace in faith, concept religion.

Portrait of young woman showing prayer position with hands on grey background. Closeup attractive lady making namaste gesture. Focused worried girl praying at camera in studio.

Joined hands pleading for help and support

Sad and depressed african business man praying to god. Sorrowful black man in suit indoor, checkered windows background.


Dramatic portrait of crying woman

Portrait of attractive pretty woman in formal wear looking in camera asking for help, begging, pleading, making cute face. Working relationship


Young emotional african american guy making cherished wish, crossing fingers and praying, begging to camera

Silhouette young man praying outside at beautiful sunset. Male asks for help finding solace in faith, concept religion.

Nervous eastern guy praying to god, making cherished with, waiting for positive result, brown studio background

Handheld shot of man in a red shirt standing in a calm ocean starts praying in deep thought and looking up at the sky for answers as the sun rises and the camera follows him in an arch shot from side to side.


Zoom in portrait of hopeless middle aged man with disability praying to God, sitting in wheelchair against window

Male security guard pushing anxious diverse people back while while controlling shop entrance during Black Friday sale

Portrait of worried upset pretty black female with curly hair in deep thoughts holding hands in pray, begging for god help and mercy, wishing and hoping to solve issue, looking desperate and helpless.

Homeless woman sitting on a street and begging for money

Homeless and Hungry sign on cardboard asking for money 4k


Medium of young desperate Black man holding bible, sitting by bed of unconscious little son in hospital at daytime, praying for his life

Old prayer book. Baptism or wedding in the church during prayer. Spirituality and Religion Concept. Person Pray on a Holy Bible in Church. Believe and Faith for Christian People

Worried and upset woman sitting 4k

Hands begging for charity or forgiveness

Lonely Senior Woman

Dramatic portrait of a young woman starting to pray. Slow motion medium shot, tilt up.

Sad man missing someone while laying in bed

emotional portrait of a blond girl on a black background

Old sad man praying to god near grey wall alone. Worried mature guy putting hands for pray in studio. Thoughtful male person asking for help with trouble indoors.

Young Black Man With Hands In Prayer or Contemplation In Front of Face

Man in need on streets gets money fom someone 4k

Silhouette young man praying outside at beautiful sunset. Male asks for help finding solace in faith, concept religion.


Mother sitting sick daughter after surgical treatment in modern hospital ward. Upset loving woman desperate mom holding kissing kid hand in medical clinic. Family support in unexpected serious illness


Despair of news. Hopeless man praying to God, feeling desperate because of global situation, free space

Homeless man asking for food in NYC


Medium long of young nervous Black man sitting by bed of unconscious boy in hospital at daytime, praying for his life

Hands asking and begging for money. Rich man hesitating to give money to poor woman requesting money for transaction or work.


Wife visiting sick patient in hospital. Loving wife sit near unconscious husband. Worried upset woman holding kissing terminally ill man hand pray in operating ward. Unexpected serious illness concept


Mother kissing sick daughter lying in bed. Supportive parent visit patient ward. Worried woman sitting at little girl holding hand in hospital. Desperate upset female praying at kid sleeping in clinic

Homeless disabled beggar on city street

Close up portrait of praying african american woman, pleading to God, brown studio background

4K compilation (montage) - group of nine people pray with hands clasped together - green screen

Afro-american businessman regretting about something. Unhappy dark-skinned entrepreneur with clasped hands on grey background. Human expression of regret.

Man in need of help sitting on freezing sidewalk in Chicago 4k

Sad teenager girl in headphones holding in hands cardboard tablet with inscription need help. Unhappy girl in music earphones showing lettering need help

Close-up happy Middle Eastern woman in shayla looking up praying at home indoors. Beautiful religious lady in traditional black hijab thinking prayer. Religion and lifestyle.

Please, please. Studio portrait of cute little asian girl begging and pleading to camera, asking for something

Silhouette young man praying outside at beautiful sunset. Male asks for help finding solace in faith, concept religion.

Female sitting outside thinking 4k

A statue of a woman weeping in a cemetery or church.

Birman cat outside following pray in grass. Predator cat slowly observing his pray moving through grass outside. Cute cat Birman breed. Long hair. Beautiful cat.

Man crying laying on pillow in bed

Man falls to his knees cries and prays