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Sad Child Slavery Human Trafficking Slave Trade Asia Poor Boy Poverty Humanity Orphan

POV WS PAN Slum dwellings / India

HAMPI, INDIA - 28 JANUARY 2015: Little child picking up dried leaves in a pot on a street in Hampi.

Children at the dump. Dispossessed orphans. Hungry children looking for food in a landfill.

Sad Child Slavery Human Trafficking Slave Trade Asia Poor Girl Poverty Humanity Orphan

Aerial view of river crossing poor neighborhood with polluted water, Cambodia.

MANILA, PHILIPPINES - November 26, 2018: A homeless, poor Filipino family on the porch of abandoned house.

An extreme close up portrait of homeless dirty beggar man lying outdoors. Slow motion.

Back view full length of mature unemployed homeless man walking under bridge tunnel in city. Poor male collecting plastic to earn money with recycling. Steadicam stabilized shot.

Man sitting on bed looking at empty wallet. Male very dissapointed and depressed feelling hopeless about situation after losing job not able to go on trip. Concept of bankruptcy, poverty, unemployment

Poverty. Hands of an old woman counting coins and opening an empty wallet

MUMBAI, INDIA - 12 JANUARY 2015: Men picking through garbage on the street of Mumbai.

Beggar sitting in the street waiting for coins

A close-up view of the dilapidated, run-down, and dirty buildings in a poverty-stricken neighborhood.

Aerial drone shot of poor suburbs in mongolia Ulan Bator. Endless yurts cloudy

Homeless beggar man lying outdoors in city in a sleeping bag, cardboard sign near him.

Unidentified homeless man begging on the street of European city winter

Jakarta, Indonesia - Indonesian People Living in Poverty - Houses in Slum Area of The Capital City

Extreme close-up of a homeless girl with grey eyes looking at the camera. Sad refugee with dirty face living on the streets.

Unemployed in a third world country.

GREECE, ATHENS, JUNE 7, 2013: Beggar and people on the street in Athens, Greece

Big Homeless Dog Scratching

Close-up of beggar male's legs and hands holding cardboard sign asking for help. Homeless man sitting on street begging for money while people's legs walking and passing by.

Taking Dollar Out Of Wallet Poverty And Unemployed Concept

Volunteers serving hot soup for ill and homeless in community charity donation center, food bank and coronavirus concept.

Zoom out from a poverty stricken slum on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya.

Guatemala City, Guatemala - CIRCA JUNE 2014 - Three children playing in a dirt near corrugated metal shacks

Pokhara, Nepal - 18 November 2019: A closeup of a beautiful cute nepalese girl. Looking into the camera. Praying hands. She says namaste.

Africans Looking Through Chicken Wire 3

KISUMU,KENYA - MAY 17, 2018: Back view of african girl carrying the canister with water. kid walking through road village.

Aerial video of rundown impoverished villages on a hill in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia on a sunny day.

Tin Shack, Clothes Line, And Residents In Haiti

Beggar man with a beard puts out his hand out and gets a five dollar bill and then looks at it

Little children walk on landfills. Children from the poorest countries. Needy children.

PATZCUARO, MEXICO - CIRCA SEPTEMBER 2018 - Volunteer handing out food to grateful indigenous elderly Mexican women

KISUMU,KENYA - MAY 17, 2018: Back view of two african boys running through road and playing with car tire in village.

KENYA, KISUMU - MAY 20, 2017: Beautiful small children sitting at the tables in local school on Africa.

Homeless woman sitting on a street and begging for money

Men Sitting On Beds In Homeless Shelter

Homeless man eats porridge

Portrait of sad homeless child holding the Help cardboard and looking at the camera. Little girl in hat with earflaps standing with a teddy bear and waiting for some help.

Volunteer give bread to the homeless

Jakarta, Indonesia - Homeless Beggar in The Street - Poverty in The Capital City - Poor Indonesian People

Male hand gives bread to a homeless hungry man

A close up portrait of homeless dirty beggar man sitting outdoors. Slow motion.

The everyday life of people in Myanmar. People wash and bathe in the river. Poor country.

Papuan People Papuans Melanesians Happy Cheerful Children Smiling Group Portrait Raja Ampat Islands West Papua Indonesia Indonesian

Poor homeless man sleeping on wooden bench. Drunk hobo lying on the bench.