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Male Politician Delivering Speech

Politician Passionate about his Work

International negotiations for a round table. Statesman or politicians are seriously discussing the problem of ecology

Side view shot footage of unrecognizable African American man taking part in election debates using hand gestures when speaking

Close-up side view shot footage of hands belonging to Caucasian female politician speaking about global issues during international convention

Crowd silhouette protesting on city background with megaphones and fire. Black lives matters concept. Social strike on urban street. Stand up for racism. Stop national discrimination rally flat design

Persuasive Female Politician

The raised fist. Black lives matter, USA protests. Black man raises his fist to the sky during a migrants protest against racial discrimation. Black power, revolution

Side view close-up footage of hands belonging to African male politician speaking about important global issues during international meeting

Presidential Candidate Speaking Passionately

Enormous Rally Crowd

Assertive Senior Politician at Press Conference

Press Secretary Out Of Focus Man Approaches Podium At White House

A slow motion shot of flags at Utah State Capitol Building

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Circa August, 2017 - Anti-Donald Trump protesters chant and march outside The White House after the tragic events in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Woman Drops Ballot For Upcoming Election During Covid 19

People silhouettes protesting on fire background. Protest and strike, demonstration and revolution concept. Social unrest against discrimination. People fight for right. Concept anti racism revolution

Political Promo Slideshow

Silhouetted tourists visit the Washington Monument with the Capitol Dome in the far distance. Shot at 48fps.

Huge crowds of protestors gather in Washington D.C. for a protest rally

Person Waving Black Lives Matter Sign

A dramatic sunset view over the American Flags at the Washington Monument with a kite flying in the distance. Shot at 48fps.

A VOTE HERE sign on the sidewalk of a large city. Spanish translation below.

Political Cinematic Intro

Group of mixed race American patriotic peoples with american flag in their hands placed on the back, looking straight

Lawmakers Have Private Discussion In The House Of Reps

Enough sign at March for Our Lives event in Dayton Ohio 4k

Political Event Opener

Tel Aviv protest street crowd 7

Unrecognizable group of people with face masks voting in polling place, usa elections and coronavirus.

Few Lawmakers Show Up For Meeting In State Building

Strasbourg, France. August 2019. The entrance to the modern seat of the European parliament. A row of flagpoles with the flags of the member states of the European Union welcomes those who enter.

A male politician sitting behind tribune - speaking into microphones

Washington DC Capitol Timelapse

NEW YORK CITY, UNITED STATES - SEPTEMBER 21, 2014 - Old and young people marching and protesting to solve climate change at the People's Climate March

Backlight shot footage of modern mature woman taking part in presidential debates criticizing her opponents plans

No More NRA Chant At March For Our Lives 1

Rolling Political Pattern

Washington Monument and American Flags

Malaysian Prime Minister, Tun Mahathir Mohamad

Portrait of young woman with taped mouth and banner with free speech text. Forbidden opinion concept.

Pre-Tracked Protest Sign Outside White House

Republican vs Democrat Flag blowing in the wind against a clear blue sky.

Young Girl In Black Hoodie Protesting Against Racism

Voters People Groups Voting Election 3d Animation

Crowd at Dayton March For Our Lives event 2018 4k

Political Slideshow | News Opener

Young Lawmakers Stay Late After House Meeting