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Plowing a field with two oxen.

White cow on the grassland

Slow Motion Amazing milk cows on the beautiful meadow

Pink Bull with Horns Feeds on Grassy Pasture

7-Ox Pulling The Plough With Farmer Walking And Whipping

Slow Motion, red bull on the stock-farm, beautiful sun at background

3-Man Farmer Cultivating Land Plowing The Soil With Ox

White cow on green pasture

Cuban farmer working in the field, peasant tilling the ground with plow pulled by oxen in ANAP cooperative farm in Guines, Cuba. Wide shot

Bull on livestock farm

Large musk standing in the winter snow at sunset

Plowing a field with two oxen.

Slow Motion, red bull on the stock-farm


man buying a cow for eid adha sacrifice in the traditional farm

Brown cow with white spots, sharp horns and wet nose staying in the stall. It looks relaxed and interested

Cows on livestock farm

Cows on livestock farm


muslim female farmer feeding animal

Cows on beautiful nature

Cows on the grassland in Carpatians, Ukraine

Mary Christmas and new year background animation. Motion Chinese New Year, zodiac symbol year of the ox.

happy chinese new year card with oxen and flowers ,4k video animated

Cows on livestock farm

Aerial view of ox pulling a cart through dry fields, Kep, Cambodia.

Cows and beautiful nature

Cows run on green meadow

Bull on livestock farm

MANALI, INDIA - 28 SEPT 2016: Cows grazing in the yard of an Indian village, Himachal Pradesh, Kullu Valley

Cow eat green grass on the meadow

happy chinese new year with golden ox and clouds ,4k video animated

Slow Motion Milk cow on beautiful meadow

animal, nature and wildlife concept - buffalo bulls with calf gazing in maasai mara national reserve savanna at africa

Cows on the grassland in Carpatians, Ukraine

Bull Swimming in the Sea against Blue Sky

Milk cow on beautiful meadow

Big bull on livestock farm

MIRISSA, SRI LANKA - MARCH 2014: View of an cow chased by dogs on beach in Mirissa. This small sandy tropical beach boasts some of Sri Lankas best and most stunning sunsets and sunrises.

Cows and beautiful nature in Carpathian Mountains

Cows eat a hay on livestock farm

Little Buffalo Suck Up Milk from Bull Mother Outdoor

UKRAINE, POLTAVA, JUNE 19, 2017: Bullocks and people inside museum of regional studies or local history museum of Poltava, one of oldest and richest museums in Ukraine

Cow on livestock farm

Bull on the stock farm

Milk cow at the livestock farm

Closeup Face of Big Bull Eating Grass on Green Field

Bison digs a pit. Zubr raises dust of hoof. Bison in aviary.

Muskox (Ovibos moschatus) is an Arctic hoofed mammal of the family Bovidae

Milk cow on the beautiful meadow