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Male professional traumatologist bending knee of Caucasian patient sitting on examination couch. Unrecognizable doctor helping young man in joint rehabilitation. Traumatology, health care.

Male hands turning and stretching ankle joint of young Caucasian woman. Unrecognizable professional doctor examines female patient with foot trauma or injury. Orthopedics, rheumatology, traumatology.

Professional male orthopedist examining young Caucasian woman. Side view wide shot of doctor checking female foot in medical clinic. Patient care, traumas and injuries, health care, medicine concept.


Physiotherapist worker woman assisting physical medical exercise recovery after injuries. Doctor in gloves examining painful knee of female patient leg trauma. Healthcare medical insurance concept

closeup of doctor showing the knee injury xray to her patient 4k

Doctor checking male knee joint in hospital. Close-up of Caucasian hands turning leg of patient on traumatology department in clinic. Medicine, medical examination, injury treatment.

Close-up of barefoot female legs on transparent glass on medical examination. Shooting over shoulder of male orthopedist consulting young Caucasian woman in clinic. Rheumatology and orthopedics.

Confident Caucasian doctor holding foot model and talking to patient. Portrait of professional traumatologist explaining injury treatment. Therapy, medicine, health care.

Orthopaedist working with foot scan to create a model of the most effective shoe

Senior man suffering from backache at hospital

Experienced male orthopedist diagnoses back pain while standing in bright medical office during day

Orthopaedist working at the computer. He modeling orthopedic shoe using foot scan

Unrecognizable male doctor explaining foot trauma on medical model. Portrait of professional adult Caucasian orthopedist consulting young slim brunette woman in hospital. Traumatology, medicine.

Neurologist testing knee reflex of male patient

Male Caucasian hand showing foot model. Unrecognizable doctor orthopedist visualizing explanations with the use of medical equipment. Lifestyle, professional, medicine, health care.

4k animation - x-ray panels on black background

Unknown doctor explaining knee joint structure on model to male patient. Unrecognizable professional traumatologist consulting young Caucasian man in hospital. Health care. medicine.

Portrait of handsome concentrated Caucasian traumatologist examining female patient. Young man moving leg of woman in hospital office. Emergency, traumatology, medicine.

View of a Hospital hallway

Orthopaedist showing his patient all advantages of orthopedic shoes

Feet inspection at the orthopedist

Doctor checking knee reflexes of the patient

Side view of brunette young woman sitting in doctor office. Professional Caucasian doctor showing knee joint model and talking to female patient. Traumatology, healing, treatment, medicine.


Dentist operating on oral patient case, face covered, Close up white protective gloves and working equipments tools, covid-19 corona virus protection, dental care check up, teeth whitening

Doctor lay on gypsum on the hand female patient

Golden teeth dentures

animation - x-ray panels on black background

Doctor lay on gypsum on the hand female patient

Doctor lay on gypsum on the hand female patient

close up shot of a woman's hands in gloves, who pulls out disinfected dental instruments for dental treatment from the locker

Neurologist checking arm reflex of male patient

Doctor lay on gypsum on the hand female patient

Patient suffering from back pain in medical exam

Golden teeth prosthesis

Tooth dentures from gold

A tooth prosthesis made by machine

animation - x-ray panels on black background

Doctor lay on gypsum on the hand female patient

Manual production of tooth prosthesis

Dentures making device

Tooth dentures in ultraviolet ovens

Young Caucasian doctor explaining trauma to sportsman using knee joint model. Positive physician talking to male patient in hospital office. Trauma treatment, health care, medicine concept.

Doctor lay on gypsum on the hand female patient

Doctor lay on gypsum on the hand female patient

Doctor lay on gypsum on the hand female patient

Preparation of a dental prosthesis

A machine is making dentures

Brazing of dental prosthesis