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orange wrapped within cloth, closeup of orange within sheet of cloth

view of cutting orange with knife, cutting slice from orange

Macro shot of orange fruit and rotates.Close up fresh citrus orange

Ultra slow motion clip of orange slices falling into glass bowl

Orange juice poured over slices of orange

Bar Tender Twisting Orange Peel

shot of rolling oranges, rolling oranges view

View of orange slices falling into glass bowl

Slow motion splitting of orange slices

Red liquid pours on pan. Hand is touching frying pan. Orange peel and dark liquid. Wine mixed with orange skin.

Rotating shot of orange slice on glass, close up of slices inside glass

Bartender adds orange peel to the alcohol drink at the bar, making of the cocktails in the bar, alcohol drinks, alcohol cocktail

Closeup of skillful bartender hands putting twisted and singed orange peel on Negroni cocktail in rocks glass at bar. Decoration of prepared alcoholic drink by professional barman

Closeup of barman setting twisted orange peel on fire and putting on ready Negroni cocktail in rocks glass standing on bar counter. Stylish bartender decorating alcoholic drink before serving

Close-up - barman rub the glass with orange peel and decorate cocktail with it

Ripe tasty oranges with peel. Close-up young housewife removing orange peel.

Clip of cutting orange slowly with knife

orange around glass cup, glass cup near orange

shot of orange slices in a bowl

Skillful bartender putting straws connected with orange peel on wineglass with prepared Bahia cocktail standing on bar. Stylish barman decorating ready alcohol drink with fresh mint

shot of Orange fall over orange, closeup of fall over orange

View of orange slice on edge of glass, small slices within the glass

Woman squeezes buttocks. Cellulite of the first degree appears on the skin

Woman squeezes buttocks. Cellulite of the first degree appears on the skin