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A little boy having a treatment in eye clinic - shine light in the eye

Patient in ophthalmology clinic. Man looks in synoptophore - ophthalmic Instrument, used for diagnosing imbalance of eye muscles and treating them by orthoptic methods, for treatment of strabismus

ophthalmologist - bright light focused on the beautiful womans eyes

High medicine technology - ophthalmologist in eyes clinic working with patient by modern computer technology, slider shot

Ophthalmology clinic - woman checks vision by modern equipment, macro

Young cheerful eye doctor is showing symbols on a table hanging on a wall in cabinet. She is talking and holding pointer in hand, smiling for patients

Optician with equipment for lens determination

Female patient on medical attendance at the optometrist. Contemporary modern medical equipment

Ophthalmology - doctor writes a report of the diagnosis

Close up shot of woman choosing new eyeglasses in optical shop. Showcase of different spectacles glasses. Different designs.

Young man checks the eyes on the modern equipment in the medical center

Pretty young woman do eye test at clinic sitting in front of doctor in white medical coat looking in eye test machine and smiling. Mature optometrist examining patient in office. Camera moves right

Adorable little blonde girl checks eyesight at ophthalmology clinic

Side view of female pediatric optometrist examining eyes of little girl with modern biomicroscopic slit lamp device

Eye examination at slit lamp in oculist office

Extreme macro shot of a brown human eye

Ophthalmology treatment indoors - a doctor checking young woman's visual acuity with a special machine - a spacious cabinet with panoramic window with blinds

Portrait of pretty brunette woman sitting in the chair of doctor oculist doing eye test. Professional ophthalmologist checks the eyesight of the patient. Eye examination. Camera moves left

Doctor check eyesight of senior man with biomicroscope

Midsection shot of unrecognizable female ophthalmologist in white gown holding contact lens on finger in ophthalmology clinic

Man patient at the reception of an ophthalmologist, selection of spectacle lenses in ophthalmology clinic, man face close-up

Closeup of senior man wearing modern equipment on eyes doing eye vision test in clinic

Gray and blue area surrounding pupil is iris. Woman's eyes. Wrinkle around eye is fold, ridge or crease on skin. Cosmetology and skincare

Extreme macro shot of a brown human eye

Medium closeup of female ophthalmology specialist doing eye checkup for little girl looking through phoropter machine sitting in sunlight filled doctor office

ophthalmologist - the doctor is selectsing special lenses and inserting into glasses

the doctor of a private clinic sits behind a tomograph, this is a modern, contactless, painless diagnostic research method that allows an ophthalmologist to identify pathological changes

Closeup of beautiful young woman having her eyes examined with biomicroscopic slit lamp device during comprehensive eye exam

Modern medical device with slit lamp for eye checking

Attractive young Hispanic woman in stylish eyeglasses with eye chart in the background

MOSCOW, RUSSIA - nowember 6, 2018 Woman at the reception at the ophthalmologist, vision test. Cataract fundus

Ophthalmology treatment - young woman having a consultation with an optometry doctor in the bright cabinet with big windows - listening what the doctor says

HELSINKI, FINLAND - OCTOBER 20, 2017: Buyers choosing new optical glasses in optician shop. Fair I LOVE ME - Beauty, Health, Naturally, Fashion and Jewel&Watch at Messukeskus Expo Centre

Attractive young Hispanic woman in eyeglasses with eye chart in the background

Optician with tonometer examining patient's eyes

Woman Eye. Close up. Macro.

the doctor of a private clinic sits behind a tomograph, the patient is diagnosed on a modern apparatus to identify pathological changes

Doctor controling non-contact tonometer at clinic

Older mature woman taking optical glasses from nightstand.

Optometrist equipment joystick - generic eye scanner machine

Optometrist in white gown examining eyes of female patient using indirect ophthalmoscope and lens and giving her medical advice


Blinking green eye


Blinking green eye


Blinking green eye


Blinking green eye

Amazing male green and grey coloured eye


Blinking green eye

Closeup of unrecognizable female optometrist checking little girl vision using trial frame in ophthalmology clinic