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Open sign flashing in store front window 4k

Male owner of small business turning round open sign in door of shop or cafe- shot in slow motion

Closed sign hanging on the door front of a shop

A business sign being turned from open to closed

Reflection of smiling handsome young millennial latino man in his 30s with a goatee putting up open sign on his business in slow motion


Locked down of young happy African American female jewelry store manager turning open sign around and changing it to closed on glass door

Female owner of small business turning round open sign in door of shop or cafe- shot in slow motion

Flashing neon open sign at business 4k

Dolly shot of a woman turning over shop-sign. Vintage style open sign inviting customers to come in

The closed and open sign on a glass door


Locked down of young African American female jewelry store manager turning closed sign around and changing it to open on glass door

Female small business owner turning an open sign over to closed while wearing a face mask; COVID-19 pandemic theme

Beautiful waitress comes to the café entrance and flips the open sign to close, then looks around and goes away into the shop/café. The end of the working day. Working hard, being tired.

Neon Open Sign Animation, transparent background

Female Owner Of Start Up Coffee Shop Or Restaurant Turning Round Open Sign On Door


Watch your step warning sign school bus for children attentiveness safety closeup. Metal plate with inscription on stairway students transport. View of open schoolbus entrance with stairs inside cabin

Portrait of happy african american barista holding 'we're open' sign in cafe

Open sign flashing in store front

Beautiful and attractive happy smiling multi ethnic young couple holds an open sign for their small business in slow motion

A view of a storefront's neon OPEN sign.

Open sign with customers walking into shop

Attractive young blonde woman owner turns sign from close to open and shares a friendly, bright smile to camera. Inside the shop. Being friendly. Successful morning, having a break.

Medium panning footage of young asian small coffee shop owner standing at cash desk in morning turning open sign board ready for customers


We Are Open sign outside of business downtown city 4k

Attractive happy mixed racial couple putting up open sign for their new small business and then hugging and smiling for the camera in slow motion

Small business owner holding open sign in creative office. Open leather workshop. Startup business sign open. New working day in small shop. Entrepreneur starting business

Open sign in window of local shop establishing shot 4k

Open sign hang on the glass in pandemic time in 4K Slow motion.

Animation , 24 hours open, neon sign , transparent background

Neon open sign in store front window 4k

THE END Sign in Neon Style. Seamless loop

Neon OPEN sign slow zoom out

Man with face mask back at work in office after lockdown, writing open sign. Shot through glass.

Open 24 hour sign at restaurant exterior 4k

Proud smiling older black woman holding an open sign in front of her gallery

Asian female florist shop owner closing store due to pandemic period. Young woman worker flipping sign "open" to "closed". Business during quarantine, economic crisis, safety measures, healthcare.

Animation of Vintage retro looking Open sign with matte channel

Open sign in store window steadycam shot

Open neon sign symbol

Secret information words with access procentage counts on a development binary code. Seamless loop.

Email incoming, flying in and open message motion graphic animation video

We are open again announcement on paper indoors with blurred people in Covid-19 face masks walking at background. Reopening of business on coronavirus pandemic. New normal lifestyle.

This business owner turns his sign from closed to open and requires proof of vaccination before entering the establishment.

A small business owner puts a "Welcome Back We Missed You" open sign on his front door. Shot at 60fps for optional slow motion use.

Portrait of young businessman waving hand

happy businesswoman opening her business

Female owner of coffee shop wearing face mask turning round open sign during health pandemic - shot in slow motion

Open sign on exterior of building