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Footage of somebody pressing the on-off switch with a green-red lamp

Macro detail of a power button being pressed and the device turned off

Analog power button animation, switch, plug, turn on.

Logo On (reveal)

Close up female hand turn off the light to saving electrical energy.

Man's Hand Turns Light Switch Off then On

Close up side shot view of an emergency stop button and a hand hitting it...

On off button line drawing illustration animation with transparent background

Remote control with red button On/Off

Start button light flashing on game

Businessman undo buttons in shirt and take it off in his apartment

Power buttons start and stop

Hand presses the red button on the panel at polygraph industry

Cracked Hard button lighting up

Footage of an emergency button and a hand hitting it...

Man disarming and turning off a car alarm with a wireless remote control - close up

Analog power button animation, switch, plug, turn on.

Liquidate Press Red Button Sell Off Cash Out 3 D Animation

Close up front view of an emergency stop button and a hand hitting it...

macro of a computer power button with flashing lights in the background 4k

Keyless Start Button Detail


The system of uninterruptible power supply close-up. Control panel with red and green lights.

Macro detail of the power button on a remote control being pressed

Tuning Radio Volume. Close up of hand adjusting car radio volume

Macro detail of the pause button on a remote control being pressed

Close-up car panel with male finger pressing red triangle car hazard warning button. Unrecognizable Caucasian man in vehicle turning on and off emergency light stop button. Auto industry concept.

An alarm clock that has been reset

Man hits snooze on alarm clock

Unhappy, tired, overworked, young woman turning off her alarm clock and going back to sleep in the morning - tilt up

Male hand switches modes on control panel in electric car.

Blue old-fashioned alarm clock ringing in the morning. Cute sleepy woman turning off the alarm clock. The morning time, beginning of a new day

Close up woman's hands turn on the light and then turn off in beauty salon. Light switch

Woman with beautiful pink nail polish turns down the light at home on aenous vintage switch. Closeup view

Close up fire alarm control panel

Out of focus alarm clock that has been reset

Woman's hand pushing the red power button on a television remote - close up

Man breaks the keys of a computer keyboard. Hands that break off buttons from the laptop keyboard.

A close up shot of a person starting the engine of a car on the start button

Special offer button. Intro


Turned off capacity battery load bank on white surface. Control panel with display and buttons.

Female hands is typing on a laptop at night. She takes off her glasses and puts it on the keyboard. Blurred lights on the background

Turning on and off the air conditioning on a thermostat

Pushing A Button To Turn Machine On

Green easy button lighting up

Smiling girl gets off the elevator

Woman hand turning light off on white wall in cozy room interior. Close up female hand turn light off for energy saving in home room in night time

Turning down the temperature on a thermostat

Man turns on air conditioning in hotel room