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A girl using credit card on-line

Extremely busy Rio de Janeiro supermarket checkout

close up conveyor print house magazine press typography machine

Chocolate and other sweets being purchased at super market in Germany 4k

Defocusing shot of people paying at ther cashdesk in the supermarket, other entering the shop

Buffet at the hotel. Customers in face masks waiting in line to get the food. Bali-December-2020


Rows of ready-made chocolates on the conveyor line in a modern confectionery shop.

Time Lapse 1080p with fast blur: buyers in supermarket

Supermarket: Checkout counter. Customer pays with smartphone for her food items, applying mobile on wireless terminal. No faces. Close up

Long lines at busy super market in Rio de Janeiro


The finished products of the confectionery shop are chocolates on the conveyor, ready to be packed in boxes.

At the Supermarket: Checkout counter hands of the cashier scans groceries. Modern shopping mall with friendly staff, small lines. Close up

Female customer support operator with headset and smile

Customer In Cafe Makes Payment With Credit Card

Mastercard logo online shopping payment e-commerce credit card


Alignment of the chocolate surface of sweets in the production of confectionery. Covering the filling with a second layer. Shooting up close.

Woman solves the problem of the customer call center

Cafe Du Monde during Mardi Gras 2018 4k

Multiple check out lanes at Guanabara supermarket Brazil 4k

Young, attractive woman checking clothes at shop

People wait in line in front of a store at a crowded Christmas market at Old Town Square in Prague, Czech Republic at night


Automatic sorting of chocolates on the conveyor in a modern confectionery shop.

People in line for Showcase with different varieties of ice cream

Supermarket: Checkout counter. Female customer pays with smartphone for her food items, applying mobile on wireless terminal

Young businessman making online purchase with plastic card in on-line shop

Close Up Laptop And Credit Card Use To Shop On Line By Woman

A woman working at a computer

Young woman is looking in the online store for a new smart watch using a notebook


Delicious chocolates without wrappers, lying in rows on the conveyor belt in the confectionery shop.

Visa, Mastercard, Paypal logos online shopping payment e-commerce purchase

Bottles of beer go through the conveyor

Bottles of beer go through the conveyor

Toys R Us store weekend before Christmas 2012

Open kitchen in a pizza place. Line of chefs in face masks talking. Bali-December-2020

hand holding a credit card with credit card machine


Stamping machine for shaping chocolates in a modern confectionery shop .

hand holding a credit card with credit card machine

Woman solves the problem of the customer call center

Toronto, Canada - June 19 2020: Customers line up to enter a grocery store one at a time while social distancing

young black woman in a vintage clothes shop, trying on denim jacket with fake fur lining.

Beautiful Asian woman sitting on couch holding cellphone using credit card makes instant payment. On-line shopping, modern tech, safe successful convenient payment.

typography machine working print factory

Shoppers walking down nyc sidewalk

hand holding smartphone restaurant pointer food delivery animation hd

Technician works with labeling machine


Chocolate coating of wafers on the conveyor of the confectionery factory. An employee's gloved hand straightening rows of waffles before coating them with chocolate.

Young professional film maker or photographer uses his laptop to watch video tutorials on how to assemble, control aero drone, or is maintaining or fixing it, or upgrading or updating software

High-tech equipment at factory view from all sides. Modern equipment in metalworking shop. New machine in factory. Equipment for automated processing. New metalworking machine in modern workshop