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sepia dialing old phone

A man picks up the receiver and pushes the buttons on a 1980s era telephone. He dials 911. He returns the handset to the phone base.

Close up of male hand picking up the receiver of a vintage retro rotary telephone and answering the phone.

closeup dialing old phone

Close up of old telephone dial

Old and modern mobile phones


a young red-haired woman in a coat and a black hat on the background of the old city speaks by phone

Using old rotary telephone dialing number

Old Rotary Dial Phone

Old black rotary phone dolly shot in 4k with a ceiling fan reflection in the corner of the telephone

Close-up of independent businessman using his phone. Concept of confident successful businessman being free and working remotely.

phone and bell hang ring alarm animation hd

macro of someone dialing an antique rotary phone 4k


Woman`s Hand is holding Cell Phone outdoor on the Street in old European City. Green Screen in Vertical Position, Lot of People, Cars on the Background, good Weather outside. Apps. Smartphone.

Old Electricity Wires

Old Technology Communication Device Vintage Telephone

tilt to old phone

An old-fashioned graphic of an antenna transmitting a signal around the world, with audio

dolly vintage 1940 newspaper reporter talking on the phone


Woman taking mobile photo camera picture of local plants and flowers on the street

Old Rotary Telephone

Close-up of a man's hand holds a receiver of an old telephone set

Dialing numbers with an old vintage brown telephone

Old Green Rotary Telephone Dialing

A 90 year old woman talking and listening on a cordless land line phone in 4k

Dialing 911 on office phone 4k

Police Officer On Smart Phone In Sketchy Stairwell Of Building

Child dialing number on old rotary telephone booth phone 4k

Old, Green Rotary Telephone Being Hung Up

A 90 year old woman listening and talking on a land line, cordless, phone at her home while rubbing her eye in 4k dolly shot

Wall Crack 2 Green Screen

Older black woman in her 50s or 60s with short black and gray hair talking on a cordless landline phone - OTS

Old Green Rotary Telephone Being Hung Up 2

closeup vintage 1940s writer typing on a typewriter

Old Woman pansioner speak landline telephone, portrait

An antenna transmitting a signal around the world, with audio

Male texting on old flip cell phone 4k

Old vintage silver interior telephone on wooden wall

A 90 year old woman listens carefully to a phone conversation on a cordless telephone close up. She appears serious and maybe talking to a doctor, pharmacist, or other health care professional.

Bright pixel phone. Old vintage retro video

Closeup Of Man Dialing A Vintage Candlestick Phone Woman Typing In The Background

1920 S Nurse In The Doctors Office

film noir detective gets a phone call

closeup of woman vintage news reporter typing a story

old telephone cartoon illustration hand drawn animation transparent

Old Man at Home use Mobile Smart Phone with Eye Diopter short-sightedness

dolly vintage science lab

Old Woman pansioner speak landline telephone, portrait