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Time lapse of multiethnic business people working with documents, using laptop and cooperating during workday in modern open space office

Man at laptop computer working in modern office with low lighting, few of his colleagues are blurred in background. Copy space

Modern Corporate Office Open Space With Multicultural Busy Staff Employees group GUsing PC Computers Sitting at Desks in Work Room Interior. Positive Mood in Work Collective. Modern Open Space Office

Working people at the co-working space

Zoom in shot of senior man explaining something to cheerful young colleagues while working together in comfortable open space office

Businesswomen and businessmen using laptops and speaking while working at table in shared office space


Office worker holding laptop with green screen background, talking to colleague at startup job. Employee working with blank mockup copy space, isolated template and chroma key. Close up.

Handsome man discussing working questions with colleague at coworking space. Closeup smiling guy making harassment in office

Young Businesswoman Sitting In Work Space Pod In Modern Office Working On Laptop

Time lapse of multiethnic businessmen and businesswomen working in modern open space office. Colleagues reading papers, using laptops and discussing job

People working in open space office, some using laptops, some listening to audio with headphones, big plant in center of room. Tracking shot of multiethnic employees. Concept of coworking


Young African American man in casual wear drinking tea and surfing the Internet on laptop in modern loft coworking space while multiethnic people working in background

Silhouettes of people working in open space office. Back view of group of business people working on city background. Business team using laptop computers in front of panoramic windows in office

Through-the-glass-door footage of group of coworkers working together in open space contemporary office

Employees hold a meeting at a large table in a creative office space. Work and walk alongside their colleagues. Office life. Coworking

businessman working at his desktop computer sitting at his desk in the open space startup office

Top view confident team leader helping colleague with work in modern coworking. Young supervisor teaching managers in dark space interior. Creative people working with digital devices in office.


Startup team discussing progress together, comparing statistics on papers and tablet. Tracking shot cheerful multiethnic managers working in open space office. Concept of brainstorming

Businesswoman At Desk In Cubicle In Modern Office Work Space Using Laptop

Medium slowmo shot of four young multi-ethnic people working together in bright modern open space office, sitting by computers at workplaces

Multi ethnic coworkers high five celebrate successful business agreement in conference office. Happy employees cheer in working space. Motivated colleagues enjoy teamwork indoors. Corporate concept.

Businesswoman Working At Desk In Modern Office Work Space With Laptop

Medium shot of group of friendly multi-ethnic coworkers sitting at common desk together, working and talking in modern open space office with large windows

A business team sits at a large table and holds a meeting. A female manager approaches the co-workers and sits down with them. Creative office space. Coworking

Business team meeting involved diverse people participating in creative sustainable ideas steadicam shot across boardroom table shared work space

High angle view of multiethnic cheerful colleagues of different age working together at table in comfortable open space office

Top view business people working on computers in creative office space. Business team using laptops in modern coworking. Young woman bringing coffee for colleagues in modern office at night.

People sit at the table in the co-working space

Employees hold a meeting at a large table in a creative office space. Near work and go colleagues. Office life. Coworking startup team

Young multiracial group of people working in coworking space. Small start-up of architects discussing the project ideas.

Over shoulder shot of young female working on economy project or writing school project on small portable laptop in office or co-working space, creates graphs and tables for business or finance

Afro businesswoman working in office open space with mixed race team. African american business woman using laptop computer at workplace. African employee working laptop in office.

Empty call center workstation with headsets and computers, used by people working at customer care service. Nobody in office with headphones, microphones and monitors for helpline support.

Businesswoman Sitting In Work Space Pod In Modern Office Working On Laptop Talking On Mobile Phone

People work at the co-working space

Young multiracial group of people working in coworking space. Small start-up of architects discussing the project ideas.

Busy Businesswoman Business Woman Girl Working In Coworking Space Office

Back view young man and woman going along modern office. Multiethnic people talking while walking indoors. Creative colleagues discussing indoors. Business couple walking in open space

Busy young professionals working and analyzing the data. Staff of business organization using digital devices in trendy shared office space.

Creative people discussing ideas while looking laptop screen in modern office. Successful business team giving high five in conference room. Happy colleagues working indoors. Teamwork concept.

Corporate team work in office. Business managers discussing financial report on documents. Overhead view of multi ethnic coworkers talking in office. Successful business people working in open space

Creative business team, multiethnic group, coworking space. Portrait of a multiethnic businessmen team of three people stand in a modern office

Young multiracial group of people working in coworking space. Small start-up of architects discussing the project ideas.

Multiethnic masked people discussing with boss woman in conference room. African businesswoman talking with colleagues in modern space. Business team working in new normal indoors.

Business people team analyzing data on laptop computer in office. Business woman leaving workspace in creative office space at night. Young businesswoman remaining work on computer in evening office

Creative people talking in boardroom. Pretty business woman discussing ideas at meeting room. Through window view of young coworkers working at laptop computers at table in startup office.

Corporate team working together in open space office. Busy female and male workers talking about work at remote workplace. Multi ethnic businessmen and businesswomen using laptop computers in office

People working in a busy office environment. Dolly revealing shot of office workers