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Closeup angry man screaming during phone call at night office. Tired business man finishing working overtime at remote workplace. Portrait of upset business man switching off laptop at late night.

Man Working On Modern Office At Night. Overtime Work In Office. Overworked Businessman

Man Working On Modern Office At Night. Overtime Work In Office. Overworked Businessman

Handsome confident young bearded married man taking off his glasses and closing laptop when finished work on it ,work at home concept,close up

Young active multi-tasking office employee hurry typing on laptop keyboard with picking up a call waiting for getting off work, finger slide on smartphone's touchscreen, smart distant communication

Closeup tired man finishing night work with laptop at home. Serious man working late in remote place. Exhausted businessman switching off notebook at night workplace.


Stressed african american businesswoman is under pressure taking off her eyeglasses tired from work

Overwork concept. Young tired woman working on laptop computer, taking off glasses and massaging nose bridge

Multiethnic team of women meeting to discuss company vacancy, making job offer. HR worker interviewing female applicant about work experience and recruitment information. Hiring concept.

Tired afro-american businessman reading documents and then taking off glasses and rubbing his eyes when working late in office

Medium slowmo shot of tired afro woman finishing office work late at night, closing laptop, turning off lamp and leaving dark empty office

Freelancer turning off the laptop during webinar in the middle of video conference sitting in the kitchen working late at night remotely. Using modern technology network wireless

businessman taking clothes off after work and sitting on the sofa


Slow Motion African american worker stands at construction site, looks at the camera and takes off medical protective mask, but unsuccessfully and funny, mask caught on glasses, worker smiling

Overworked male in expensive business suit taking off glasses tired of working at laptop and looking through papers. Respectable businessman giving little rest to his eyes during work on computer

Busy african man typing computer in hipster office. Tired african american guy turning off laptop at late working space. Exhausted afro male manager fanning face with cap at remote workplace.

Closeup tired man working late with laptop at home office. Businessman Tired of work Looking on Laptop. Workaholic Work In Internet Deadline

Professional burnout. Young woman office worker typing on laptop, turning it off and closing with irritation

exhausted man is working with laptop at evening, closing notebook and turning off table lamp, rubbing tired eyes and temples

businessman working on paperwork turns off lamp 4k


Tilting close-up hands and face shot of young Caucasian skilled woodworker using tape measure to lay off length on timber board and drawing pencil mark while working in his cabinetry workshop

Chest-up of blue-eyed Caucasian construction worker wearing reflective vest, taking off and putting back on hard hat tired after hard work, standing in building under construction by concrete pillar

Tired dark-haired man wearing medical mask with pile of folders working in office, taking off his glasses, employee works with documents at night, exhausted worker with headache, fatigue, lots of work

Extreme close up shot of young African man taking off eyeglasses and rubbing eyes after much computer work

tired man is finished to work with notebook, putting off glasses and rubbing face, relaxing after work with electronic gadget

Overworked nurse wrinting on clipboard, working on laptop, taking off the glasses relaxing eyes. Medical physician in medicine uniform writing list of consulted, diagnosed patients, making research.

Tired from her working on laptop young pleasant blond lady taking off her glasses and rubbing her eyes


A middle-aged man taking off protective goggles and wiping sweat off his forehead, while doing hard metal grinding work in a garage for his small business.


Distant work. Young guy helpline operator ending call with client, taking off headset at looking at window at office

Tired young freelancer asian woman student takes off glasses and rubs her eyes feeling fatigued and stressed while sitting working with laptop at outdoor cafe

Asian employee interviewing african american candidate to explain job offer and work application. Human resources worker hiring applicant based on cv resume and business experience.

person finished work in home office, is turning off lights in room and closing laptop with green screen, closeup on working table

Exhausted therapist working on laptop and taking off the glasses having headache in hospital. Distraught therapist student practicing medicine writing on clipboard list of diagnosed patients

Side view of professional storage worker turning off forklift and leaving. Confident Caucasian male warehouse loader at the end of working day at workplace. Logistics and industry concept.

Asian worker greeting female applicant at job interview appointment to discuss work offer and career opportunity. HR recruiter looking at cv and interviewing woman at hiring meeting.

Close-up face of tired redhead Caucasian man taking off eyeglasses and rubbing eyes. Exhausted businessman working hard. Overworking, lifestyle.

Blacksmith taking off iron rods from fire and listening to senior colleague while working together in forge

Caucasian tired man working at late night on laptop computer in office. Male company worker taking off glasses, giving eyes rest and looking at watch. Late work or night shift concept. Female behind.

Elderly male worker taking off flower pots from crate while working in greenhouse farm

Young Arabian male freelancer ending work at computer, standing up and taking cup of coffee off the table. At home during lockdown. Arab man finishing workday and going away. Cozy room. Homey concept.

Front view of young woman taking off face mask back at work in office after lockdown, looking at camera.


Livestock workers posing automated carousel portrait. Hard working day end. Smiling supervisors satisfied engineers resting take off protective helmets in parlour. Holstein cows on automated platform.

young tired woman is finishing her work at home at evening, turning off laptop and table lamp, owner of small business

Office Worker Turning Off Computer

Man Writes Resume For Remote Working Position After Being Laid off During Coronavirus Pandemic

Tilting-up medium close-up of caucasian adult man trying to work on laptop in living room while his playful little son disturbing him taking off his glasses

Tired woman taking off eyeglasses and massaging eyes after long work on computer. Female office worker sitting at desk with lots of documents.


Woman in glasses looking on the monitor and surfing Internet. The monitor screen is reflected in the glasses. Work at night. Remote work