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Handsome man sitting next to the billiard's table and using smartphone

Man looks disappointed while reading book, close up, steadycam shot

Woman in cosy clothes lying on the sofa and thinking about something

Businessman sitting in the cafe and checking documents

Man relaxing on the bed and watching something on tablet

Businessman checking documents and working in the cafe, steadycam shot

Man sitting on the block in his new apartment and checking documents, steadycam

Happy girl finish reading absorbing book on patio, steadycam shot

Elegant businessman sitting in the car's trunk and working on laptop

Girl listening music on earphones and reading papers in the cafe

Businesswoman sitting in the cafe and reading absorbing book

Occupied girl sitting by the window and working on laptop

Handsome man finishes using laptop in the bright bistro, steadycam shot

Woman finishes her work on papers and stretching muscles at home

Businessman sitting at the table and checking contract

Absorbed girl sitting in the cafe and texting on smartphone

Absorbed man looking to the camera and telling something interesting

Businesscouple working at home and man reading graphs

Boy browsing internet on tablet while listening music on headphones

Busy man sitting in the room and typing on laptop

Businesspeople sitting on the bench and talking about stock exchange, steadycam

Handsome businessman sitting outdoors and talking with someone, steadycam shot

Businessman dictates data from papers to his colleague, steadycam shot

Young girl sitting in the cafe and using laptop, steadycam shot

Unhappy woman sitting in the cafe and having a headache

Pretty girl answers cellphone while reading absorbing book in the cafe

Pretty girl sitting in the outdoor cafe and looks pensive

Business woman checking documents in the office

Girl sitting on patio and reading book, steadycam shot

Woman browsing internet on tablet at the table, closeup

Handsome man sitting in the cafe and pouring tea to the cup, steadycam shot HD

Pretty brunette in green dress reading book in the outdoor cafe, steadycam shot

Man with beard and glass sitting in the restaurant and reading book

Absorbed man talking with someone on interview and checking information on table

Girl showing her photo to someone and browsing it on smartphone, steadycam shot

Handsome man sitting on the bench and texting on smartphone, steadycam shot

Businesswoman looking on papers and doing serious look to the camera in the cafe

Businesswoman sitting in the cafe and cleaning her glasses with a cloth, steady

Couple working on documents and calculating results, steadycam shot

Man sitting with friend in the cafe and using smartphone, steadycam shot

Architect looks worried while checking project about new flat, steadycam shot

Boy sitting with his dog in the park and reading interesting book, steadycam sho

Worried businessmen talking with each other about outcome, steadycam shot

Businessman sitting outdoors and looking on graphs, steadycam shot

Young girl warming up her shoulders while sitting on the exercising mat, steady

Hpster girl doing photo of pizza on old camera, steadycam shot

Couple reading documents and cuddling to the camera in the stairs

Girl sitting on the floor in the library and studying