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Man rubbing together hands in a nervous or worried manner 4k

Disappointed businessman in office. Worried business man with hands on face. Close up of business man thinking about business problem in home workplace. Portrait of upset business owner

Handsome man with long hair sitting next to the window and looks worried

Depressed young caucasian man worrying about difficult decision.

High angle view worried anxious mother lying with daughter sleeping in bomb shelter. Stressed woman looking around listening to bombardment sounds caressing child hair. War lifestyle concept.

Portrait of pensive handsome african man in deep thoughts sitting on sofa in domestic interior, thinking about problems and solutions, making hard decisions, expressing worry and unconfident.

Handsome man sitting on window's sill and looks very worried, steadycam shot

Man is worried because of problems

Handsome man looks worried while sitting in the cafe, steadycam shot

Worried anxious Ukrainian girl lying on mattress in bomb shelter as blurred woman surfing internet leaving with phone. Portrait of stressed child hiding with mother on air-raid alert warning.

Video of Asian senior elderly man with hand on face thinking, stressing worry and sad

Nervous African American teen girl biting nails on green screen. Portrait of anxious worried teenager waiting for test results at chromakey background. Worries and nervousness concept.

Asian senior elderly man sad stressing worry and scare alone in hospital hallway

Sad, worried man looking by the window during night


african american woman has difficulty or problems experiencing worry, unease, or nervousness negative emotions Isolated on Green Screen

Handsome man standing next to the window and looking worried

Red lamp flashing during air raid alert warning as unrecognizable woman and girl walking downstairs to bomb shelter. Worried Ukrainian mother and daughter hiding from bombardment in war zone.

Handsome man in blue sweater doing worried look to the camera in the cafe, stead

Troubled anxious Middle Eastern man hitting glass fence on rooftop looking away at urban city. Side view portrait of worried young handsome businessman thinking standing on sunny day outdoors.

Handsome man sitting on window's sill and looks very worried, steadycam shot


Redhead man worries for favorite team watching soccer

Depressed man with ginger beard looking very worried

Handsome man looks worried while having painful headache, close-up

Closeup of a woman's pained and worried face looking into camera.


Exhausted frightened anxious woman covering ears with hands looking up listening to air raid alert warning. Portrait of tired sad worried Ukrainian lady hiding in bomb shelter during bombardment.

Stressed anxious Caucasian woman sitting in office trying calm down with blurred colleagues at background. Close-up portrait of worried troubled beautiful employee indoors in office.

Signs of stress and worry for businessman at his desk

video of Asian senior guy with hand on face thinking, worry and sad

Worried businessman sitting at home at the table, steadycam shot

Wide shot anxious troubled Middle Eastern man sitting at glass fence on rooftop looking away. Portrait of worried stressed depressed handsome guy thinking resting outdoors on sunny day.

Scared stressed anxious Ukrainian girl covering ears with hands listening to bombardment explosions hiding in bomb shelter. Frightened child with worried facial expression on air-raid alert warning.

Worried couple having problems and sitting in silence on the sofa

Sad, worried woman sitting at the edge of bed during night


Telemedicine videoconference remote appointment. Worried black doctor consults patient at chat via laptop at workplace in clinic office close view

Worried man thinking about something on the hill and looking to the camera, stea

African American student in hallway of lockers looking worried 4k

Pretty girl looks really worried while thinking about something

Anxiety Stress Fear Worry Signs Words 3 D Animation

Man with ginger beard looking worried and very unhappy

Beautiful depressed Asian female side view, model looking away, short black hair young woman worried and sad close up front portrait, standing alone in park, out door natural light, SLOW MOTION

Man with ginger beard looking worried and being thoughtful

Worried businessman working on graphs at night

Attractive woman looks worried while thinking about something in the park, stead

Worried girl studying in the cafe and having some problems

Handsome man sitting in the city and looks very worried, steadycam shot

Worried girl with beautiful, blue eyes looking into space

Worried woman sitting in the street cafe and thinking about her problem

video of Asian senior elderly woman with hand on face thinking, stressing worry and sad