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Man having a seizure, eye twitching nervously. Terrifying accident. 4K video

Portrait of bearded man looking in camera nervously touching his face close up


Unrecognizable shy woman is waiting for a call and is worried, close-up

Man nervously tapping fingers on knee

Bored and dissatisfied black call center agent talking to the client on phone. He is behaving nervously. He working with multiracial young team.

Serious businesswoman thinking about data infographics. Thinking business woman analysing data graphic in cozy office. Business market research. Female boss try to find problem solution

Man having a seizure, eye twitching nervously. Terrifying accident. 4K video

Young and serious guy who is working manager in business office and stay focused with papers and folders nervously chatting with himself with colleagues on background

Close-up hands of anxious worried young woman rubbing palms standing in urban city. Unrecognizable sad Caucasian millennial outdoors. Anxiety and worries concept.

Unhappy businessman browsing business graphs and charts in night office. Sad analyst working overtime with financial reports in late office. Bankrupt and bad business statistic

Scared stunning young african american woman in pajamas waking up after nightmare, nervously inhaling, looking aside , expressing fear and terror. Restless females suffering nightmare during sleep.

Young man nervously shakes his head

Emotions Closeup: Anger, Rage, Nervously Clenched Fist/Businessman nervously clenches his fist, then puts it behind his back. We can see that he is really stressed and nervous

Fingers tapping nervously on a table top. Anxiety moments. extremely close up of irritated woman. 4K

Frustrated business woman working on laptop in late office. Upset woman working on laptop computer in night office. Business woman looking bad business report

Angry business man throwing document paper on computer table in dark office. Nervous business analyst working overtime with financial reports in late office.

Portrait of angry Caucasian man looking at smartphone screen and beating fist against knee. Young guy waiting nervously for wife or girlfriend at home. Relationship problems.


Couple talking nervously and arguing while woman with a disability sitting on a sofa and man walking around the room at home

Portrait cute girl with long white hair is angry very and looks with great disappointment and nervously straightens her hair standing on alley with blurred background

Worried handsome black man stuck in traffic jam, chatting on phone, nervously checking the time at wristwatch, being late for business meeting while riding in backseat of car in rush hours.

Concentrated businesswoman making notes on paper. Hurry specialist answering call. Angry business woman talking phone. Annoyed woman working in office. Female employee interrupted at work

The man's hand. Fingers nervously tap on the torpedo. Close up

Young beautiful woman sitting in cafe, worried and getting edgy. Lady looking around and touching her hair. 4K

Back-view full footage of brutal assertive bandits walking down underground parking arguing and gesturing nervously looking around


The hand of a mature nervous man wiggles his fingers, close-up

Footage of a chess and a young man nervously playing the next move...


Unrecognizable shy woman is waiting for a call and is worried, close-up

Close-up of sad frustrated man sitting alone at kitchen table thinking of relationship problems nervously touching face with hands

Legs of a worried, waiting man, tapping his shoes on the sidewalk

A close up of human feet nervously tapping on the floor due to uncertainty...

Portrait of annoyed restless stunning multiethnic woman with insomnia and sleep disorder covering her head with pillow, lying nervously in her cozy bed at night, expressing irritation and discomfort.

Anxious middle aged caucasian businessman in formalwear sitting on sofa, holding remote control and watching movie on TV nervously while resting after work at home

Close-up of chess board with white and black chess pieces. During a tense tournament, the opponent takes a pawn.

Hacker in the Dark Atmosphere is playing nervously with the pen.

Man having a seizure, eye twitching nervously. Terrifying accident. 4K video

front view face exhausted employee


Close-up male Caucasian hands touching rings on fingers sitting at table in cafe. Unrecognizable anxious nervous young man resting in restaurant waiting. Lifestyle and worry concept.


Anxious Man Freelancer making Mistake and Nervously Taking Off Eyeglasses. Angry Bearded Man sitting at Home Office Desk and Feeling Frustrated

Angry Business Fist, Businesswomen nervously clenched his fists

A man in a light shirt walking in a dark corridor room with high windows and nervously talking on the phone. Indoor plants grow in pots, the windows are attended by people blue sky with clouds

A middle-aged businesswoman sits on a bench in a park and looks nervously around - view from below - an office building in the blurry background

Flirting woman is sitting on a couch in studio with mysterious dark wall. She is curling her hair on a finger nervously

Asian criminal running to car and start driving fast escaping from scene of crime at isolated underground parking looking around nervously

Young businesswoman reading bad news on mobile phone. Negative emotion of disappointed business woman reading message on smartphone. Finance problems concept

Young man nervously shakes his head

Hacker failing matching password and nervously closing laptop in midnight. Woman programmer writing a dangerous malware for cyber attacks using performance computer late at night.

Worried handsome african american driver checking the time at his wristwatch while driving car in rush hours. Serious black man stuck in traffic jam, nervously looking at watch, being late for work.

Emotional african american woman gesturing hands in disbelief, laughing nervously, brown studio background