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Reading manual for assembly. Young attractive man putting together new iron bed from iron bars and frame. Close ups of assembly parts with nuts.

Adult craftsman in glasses making stripes on clay bowl on workbench during work in pottery studio

Turin, Italy. October 2020. Scenes at home: assembly of a piece of furniture, the Caucasian man checks with the manual the presence of the small parts necessary for the assembly.

repair, building, construction and people concept - close up of man with measuring ruler taking notes to clipboard

Foreman standing and talking two workers with blueprints in furniture factory room

A builder knocking the wall and starting to drill it on a site

Road construction site, workers and teamwork

An unrecognizable woman worker in the carpentry workshop, making plans.

metal lathe operator

Slow Motion Frame of Woods on Large Manufacturing Factory. Sun Rays illuminated numerous Oak Wood Products on the Background. Carpentry. Handicrafts. Woods Productions.

worker at factory welding

Muscular blacksmith in forge hammering steel products

Wooden bars in carpentry shop. Wood furniture manufacturing process. Woodworking and carpentry production.

Three Astronauts Reading Manual

Engineer in hardhat looking at construction plan on white background

4K : Asian lovely girls helping her father assembling new DIY furniture at home together

Man sawing wood by chainsaw. Worker sawing chainsaw thick spruce. Professional lumberjack cutting big tree by chainsaw. Profession of lumberjack. Lumberjack cutting huge tree


Locksmith hammers sheet metal, shaping metal manually, metalwork at workshop

Workers and foreman using virtual reality headsets in carpentry workshop

Migrant Worker at Construction Site.

Welding on an industrial plant

Hand of man with screwdriver spinning the screw on wood

2of19 People working in warehouse, workers in industry

repair, building, construction and people concept - close up of man with measuring ruler taking notes to clipboard

Rack focus of adult artisan spreading liquid on dry ornamental clay vase during work in studio

Worker tightening bolts with screwdriver with nozzle. Tightening bolts on metal surface of industrial machine. Installation of heavy industrial equipment. Using screwdriver when assembling units

GOA, INDIA - 23 JANUARY 2015: Worker pouring water on pebble thrown on the road of construction site.

Mechanic in gloves establishing auto parts on the car

Belarus. Minsk. Tractor Plant June 20, 2020 The woman who inserts metal parts into the press. Hard labour. Parts Factory

Mechanic in auto workshop takes into account the wishes of the customer to repair the car, small nusiness

Group of workers build house on sunset sky background

Carpentry working - hands of man worker making a wooden construction

Amazing close-up, focus shifts on rotary buzzsaw carefully cutting a piece of wood, carpenter at work slow motion.

Close-up of female employee careful hands putting clothes in big indusrial washing machine after manual dry cleaning. Professional machine washing of woman's jacket in dry-cleaning salon

repair, building, construction and people concept - close up of man with measuring ruler taking notes to clipboard

Scultor modeling woman sculpture in modeling clay

Portrait of a man and woman workers in the carpentry workshop, looking at tablet.

Two carpenters works on woodworking machine in workshop

Mechanic in a auto repair shop checking engine using a digital tablet

Medium shot of young boy studying carpentry art helping father nailing wooden chair with hammer in small cozy with piles of wooden planks

Construction worker mixing cement

Sexy mechanic girl under the car repairing it with a spanner

1of19 People working in warehouse, workers in industry

People working in construction site. Men at work in new house inside apartment building. Team of happy workers laughing, talking and eating snack during lunch break

Munich, Germany - Jun 20, 2018: The latest Japanese developments. Robot, painting the part of the car.

Man cutting grass in his garden yard with the trimmer. Slow motion man with a manual lawn mower mows the grass in landscaped backyard.

Engineer holding in hand multimeter professional multifunctional manual device of modern design. Monitoring device for measuring direct and alternating current. Digital multimeter readings

Black man cleaning and polishing cowboy boots of customer in the historic Stockyards district of Fort Worth, Texas, United States of America