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Herd of cows video stock footage

A large, bright, clean barn with animals

Salers cows eating hay in barn in France

Taken from a drone, as cows graze in a field.

A small piglet in the farm. group of pigs waiting feed. swine in the stall.

Cows stand near fence. Domestic animals are eating. Create best conditions for livestock. Biggest ranch in the village.

Close up of domestic chicken at a farm. Industrial chicken hen for egg production. Hens feeding and Then get scared and run away. Slow motion

A Large Flock Of Sheep In A Field

Aerial view of sheep flock. Man and white sheep. Work of a shepherd. Farmer and his animals.

Cows drinking water on dairy farm. Cows breeding at modern milk farm. Close up milk cow drink water. Dairy industry. Agricultural farm. Cattle drinking water

Tracking slowmo with rear view of teenage boy with shovel walking through dairy farm facility with cows in feedlots eating hay

Herd of Cows and Goats Eating Grass

Flying over a meadow with grazing cows

Well-groomed cows on lush meadows amid the Alpine mountains.

Herd of sheep is moving. Animals under sunlight. Livestock bred in the village. Rural regions have better ecology.

Large chicken farm with thousends of hens and roosters

Group of chicken in cage. Flock of hens behind net, 4K 60 fps

Portrait of cute sheep in herd looking at camera. Flock of sheep grazing on pasture on a sunny day.

A white goat grazing on the field and eating grass

Cows eating hay in barn. Modern dairy farm. Animals on dairy farm. Cattle in modern dairy farm. Dairy cows eating hay in barn. Cows breeding at farm. Agriculture industry

Close up of sheep grazing on lush grass in farm

White brown cow on grassland, put tongue on camera close-up, summer day.

Pigs on livestock farm. Pig farming

Sheep herd is moving. White sheep on grass background. Animals are grazing in countryside. Sunny day at the farm.

Portait donkey shaking head and ears to drive away insects on rural farm. Gray donkey swinging ears and head against insects on livestock. Domestic animals on farmland

Sheep on the road

Outback farm country Australia sunset aerial drone footage

Cows in the barn on a farm

Closeup horse hooves and wagon wheels traveling on road


Aerial view of goats grazing in field on farmland.

Horse grazing on green meadow near forest on sunny day. Herd horses grazing on pasture. Farm animals graze on green meadow.

The Mammal Animal Sheep Near The River 8

Horse chases another horse away with on the background Yurts (Gers)

Aerial drone shot big herd of sheep and yack in Mongolia

Pigs eating from a trough. Piggies walk on straw. Queue up, please. Running out of food.

Brahman Beef Cattle Cows Sale Yard Pens

Brahman Beef Cattle Cows Sale Yard Pens

Legs of unrecognizable man in rubber boots on the cow farm shoveling hay to cows close-up. Agriculture industry, farming and animal husbandry concept. Calves feeding process on modern farm.

Aerial view of sheep flock grazing in the farm field

Baby pig sleeping at a farm in the Philippines

Cows are eating hay

JODHPUR, INDIA - 13 FEBRUARY 2015: Portrait of local Indian man with turban holding a lamb in his hands.


Group of wild cows walking slowly at night, with beautiful sky at the background at the moon rising

Dairy cows on milk farm. Close up milking cow head. Process milking dairy cows on milk factory. Automated equipment on dairy farm. Equipment for milking cows in farm

Cows eat a hay on livestock farm

Cows on livestock farm


Wide shot of cow chewing grass

Sheep and goats. Mountain goats, Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh, India