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Portrait of handsome bearded Caucasian man talking with group of friends in cafe and smiling. Positive young man telling stories and having fun with fellows. Lifestyle, joy, leisure.

Cheerful positive hipster black female cyclist riding on bike through park, exploring beautiful summer nature, enjoying freedom and active lifestyle while spending leisure during weekend outdoor.

Smiling young African American man standing on porch waving to neighbors. Wide shot of positive happy relaxed guy resting at backyard on weekend. Lifestyle and leisure.

Portrait of smiling happy boy in eyeglasses looking away. Middle shot of brunette Caucasian teenager sitting at the table with laptop at home. Happiness, lifestyle, leisure.

Camera approaching to group of multiethnic friends clinking glasses in night club and smiling. Positive young men and women hanging out in the evening. Lifestyle, leisure, happiness.


Portrait of thoughtful young beautiful Caucasian brunette woman sitting at table in restaurant waiting for order. Confident lady resting in cafe indoors. Lifestyle and leisure concept. Slow motion.


Carefree relaxed Asian woman with white sun umbrella looking around in sunny spring park. Portrait of confident slim beautiful lady enjoying leisure outdoors in sunlight. Lifestyle and leisure.

Joyful little girl giving dog food to beagle. Portrait of smiling happy Caucasian child and beautiful domestic pet outdoors. Leisure, childhood, lifestyle, leisure.

Close up of a ripped shirtles handsome man with stunning strong muscular sexy body working out at the gym doing pushups. Concentration and effort. Healthy lifestyle. Active leisure concept.

Close-up face of handsome graceful man in eyeglasses smiling at camera. Senior grey-haired Caucasian retiree posing outdoors on winter day. Lifestyle, leisure, relaxation.

Camera approaching to group of five Caucasian people sitting at the table and chatting. Positive young friends talking and smiling. Lifestyle, happiness, leisure, resting.

Side view of young couple of bikers wearing helmets and leather jackets riding motorcycle outdoors. Confident man and woman driving motorbike on cloudy day outdoors. Lifestyle and leisure concept.

Happy carefree relaxed Asian woman spinning sitting in hanging chair at home. Portrait of charming smiling beautiful millennial enjoying weekend indoors in bedroom. Lifestyle and leisure.

Positive identical twin brothers smiling as using map and giving high five to each other. Two Caucasian men planning vacations. Lifestyle, leisure, tourism.

Extreme close-up of female hand touching tender white flowers on tree in park. Unrecognizable young woman enjoying blossom outdoor on sunny summer day. Lifestyle, leisure, beauty in nature.

Portrait of happy smiling male retiree dining in cafeteria. Handsome grey-haired Caucasian man having lunch in self-service restaurant. Lifestyle and leisure concept.

Side view of young man buying coffee and leaving. Portrait of male client taking cup from smiling Caucasian barista in cafeteria. Lifestyle and leisure. Restaurant business.

Beautiful Caucasian brunette woman in sunglasses looking up at rain drops and smiling. Positive charming girl enjoying rainy day on urban street. Lifestyle, fun, leisure, joy, happiness.


View from window at winter landscape with white snow. Looking from hotel room at nature outdoors. Lifestyle and leisure concept.

Portrait of young Caucasian man and woman sitting on bench in city park and talking. Happy teenage students dating outdoors on autumn day. Lifestyle, love, leisure, romance.

Teenage Caucasian brunette boy kissing mom on cheek. Positive son spending evening with mother at home. Happy woman talking and adjusting boy's hair. Lifestyle, family, unity, leisure.

Portrait of beautiful Caucasian girl sitting in stylish kitchen and thinking. Pensive brunette young woman in white outfit spending morning at home alone. Lifestyle, leisure, solitude.

Portrait of two cheerful Caucasian old men playing video game. Happy grey-haired retirees having fun in nursing home. Lifestyle, leisure.


Wide shot of sensual passionate young Caucasian woman dancing on kitchen countertop turning to camera smiling. Happy carefree slim lady enjoying weekend at home posing. Lifestyle and leisure concept.

Cheerful little boy listening to music in headphones and dancing looking at camera smiling. Portrait of joyful relaxed Middle Eastern kid having fun enjoying hobby at home indoors. Lifestyle leisure.


Positive handsome black dad with dreadlocks and cheerful cute school age son having fun, enjoying active lifestyle and leisure, passing american football ball while family playing game on green field.

Bored Middle Eastern man sighing waiting for Caucasian friend playing video game online. Portrait of disinterested guy with blurred man gaming at front. Lifestyle and leisure concept.

Shy nerd Caucasian boy and girl making pinky promise gesture and smiling. Young intelligent college students in eyeglasses dating in city park on autumn day. Lifestyle, joy, love, leisure.

Wide shot of relaxed Caucasian man lying on couch switching channels with remote control. Portrait of bored young handsome guy watching TV at home indoors. Lifestyle and leisure.

Close-up of delicious dessert in plate. Female Caucasian hand taking ice cream with fork. Unrecognizable young woman dining in restaurant or cafe. Food, culinary, sweets, lifestyle, leisure.

Charming young African American woman with ice skates on shoulder turning to camera smiling. Portrait of happy relaxed millennial posing on ice rink outdoors on winter day. Lifestyle and leisure.

Long shot of happy Caucasian teenage son and adult mother sitting at the table and talking. Smiling woman and boy resting indoors. Lifestyle, leisure, unity, communication.

Portrait of intelligent gorgeous woman reading book indoors. Brunette Caucasian businesswoman resting on stairs at home. Literature, hobby, lifestyle, leisure.

Attractive brunette caucasian girl in leather clothes standing near the motorcycle at the beach of the sea. Hobby, traveling and active lifestyle. Leisure and travel by motorbike.

Close-up of female Caucasian feet in gold high heel shoes dancing in night club. Legs of young beautiful woman moving on stage in disco. Lifestyle, entertainment, leisure.

Young brunette boy on headphones and hoodie playing video game. Close-up portrait of Caucasian teenage guy having gaming addiction. Lifestyle, relaxation, leisure,

Close-up snow in male African American hands. Unrecognizable man holding snowball enjoying frosty cold winter weather outdoors. Lifestyle and leisure concept.

Portrait of ill Caucasian girl in pink hat blowing nose outdoors. Pretty young woman standing on city market and waiting. Lifestyle, meetings, leisure.

Camera approaching to gorgeous brunette girl smiling and looking away. Portrait of joyful young Caucasian woman posing indoors. Lifestyle, beauty, resting, leisure.

Close-up of male and female feet lying on bed sheets. Unrecognizable man scratching legs as woman lying quietly. Senior couple spending morning in bedroom. Lifestyle, leisure. Cinema 4k ProRes HQ.

Pretty young caucasian woman in a black leather jacket and pants lying on a motorcycle near sea or river. Hobby, traveling and active lifestyle. Leisure and travel by motorbike.

Close-up face of young Caucasian man winking and smiling at camera. Portrait of brunette boy with curly hair and grey eyes posing on city street. Lifestyle, happiness, leisure.

Face of brown-eyed senior man in earphones watching movie on smartphone screen. Portrait of happy retiree reacting emotionally and smiling. Lifestyle, aging, leisure, relaxation.

Wide shot portrait of pretty brunette girl talking with young father on riverbank. Caucasian child spending free time with parent, ducks swimming on water. Joy, lifestyle, family leisure.

Back view of Caucasian and African American girls strolling along the street. Friends in warm clothes walking outdoors. Lifestyle, friendship, leisure.

Adorable young caucasian female biker in black shoes and leather jacket comes to the motorcycle. Hobby, traveling and active lifestyle. Leisure and travel by motorbike.

Young Japanese people at home, lifestyle, leisure, relaxation and relax, happy Asian woman lying on couch, girl watching television, movie, film, comedy, tv channel hopping with remote control

Portrait of beautiful Caucasian girl standing in front of colorful carousels and smiling. Young beautiful woman spending weekends on city market. Lifestyle, happiness, leisure.