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"lemon tree"
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Lemon tree with green leafs

Lemons On Lemon Tree Slide Rail Shot

Lemon tree on the background of the summer sky

Panning macro shot of halved lemons just picked from tree with bright green leaves lying on dark surface in studio

Lemon tree with green leafs

mature happy woman picks fruit from her tree and smiles at camera

Taking care of house plant by misting the leaves, creating humid environment. Home gardening.


Majestic evergreen cypress trees on sky background growing on ancient Italian villa, huge brick vases with lemon trees in the garden surrounded with vintage street lamps illuminating night beauty of


Dolly shot of beautiful evergreen garden with vintage street lamps on ancient historic Italian villa, round big vase with growing lemon trees on background of high cypress trees and marble statues

Lemon tree in the wind.Blue screen alpha.

Zoom in macro close-up of circle of juicy fresh lemon flesh with seeds in middle on dark background

Lemon Tree - fresh lemons on the tree

Lemon tree in the wind Format MOV, codec png with alpha channel

Lemon In Tree Or Lemon With Leaf

mature woman tending to a fruit tree in her yard

Lemon tree at an old walled botanical garden

A lemon (Citrus limon) growing on a branch of a lemon tree with green leaves.

Macro Lemons Or Lemon Green Tree

Spraying mist on house indoor lemon tree plant, creating humidity. Home gardening.

A lemon (Citrus limon) growing on a branch of a lemon tree with green leaves.

A middle aged man inspects a lime outside on a single lime tree in slow motion with a steadicam.

Macro close up of green twigs from juicy ripe lemon cut in half showing flesh and seed