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close-up, female runner does leg warming up

Woman is putting on socks. Female legs on cloth background. Natural cotton of high quality. Dress up warm.

Woman wiggles her legs in warm socks, warm winter clothes, women's warm clothing

Woman working out in gym warming up her legs. Healthy lifestyle concept. Slow motion

Attractive young female in sportswear doing warm-up exercise for legs while standing near brick wall in gym

Chiropractic therapy in the dark studio - a therapist placing his client on a couch and warming up his legs

Beautiful legs doing tiptoes feet warm-up exercise

Female legs in warm slippers

Close-up of barefoot female legs peeking out from under warm blanket on white sheets while black woman relaxing in bed during bedtime.

Woman putting on socks. Legs on cloth background. Keep yourself warm. Soft natural cotton.

A young woman in a sport suit runs on the spot in order to warm up the muscles of her legs before active training, the sportswoman is in the open air

Sport woman warm up legs before running marathon in city park. Fitness woman doing warming up exercise for legs before outdoor workout. Runner warming up muscles before training outdoor


Athletic sportswoman stretching legs before intensity training. Sporty girl warming muscles in fitness gym. Female athlete preparing body for workout in sport club

Young woman in sports clothes working hard when trying to do warming up exercises for legs and arms before workout at the gym

Young, pretty woman doing legs warm-up before training at home, 4K

Man warm up legs on the hill at sunset

Attractive young female in sportswear doing warm-up exercise for legs while standing near brick wall in gym

Roll on wax warmer. Legs of young woman, epilation.

Attractive female athlete stretching and warming up before her morning run. Cheerful woman jogger stretches her legs in the warm morning sunrays before starting her daily workout beyound palm trees

Strong and beautiful woman leans on the crossbar and warms up. Throws her legs across back. Flexibility. Seaside. Morning

Athletic girl warming up and stretching leg muscles before jogging or intensive workout. Training outdoor in the city

Young girl stretching legs. Warming up before training.

Fitness woman preparing for fitness workout in gym. Sporty girl warming muscles before physical training in sport club. Female athlete doing stretching exercises for legs

a slender young girl in black bodysuit, leg warmers and pointes makes a stretch sitting on twine on the floor.

Woman in sports bra and leggings stretching legs, front view in empty natural light studio. Fitness blonde girl warming up. Fitness trainer, healthy lifestyle. Physical training motivation and


Side view legs of overweight young woman walking on treadmill warming up before training. Unrecognizable plus-size Caucasian sportswoman exercising in gym indoors. Sport and fitness.

A young man warming up in the green park - putting his legs up and stretching them

Human legs stick out from under the warm blanket. Feet of mom with children in the bedroom close-up.

Athlete woman doing stretch exercise before fitness training in summer park. Fitness woman stretching legs up at outdoor workout on green grass. Fit girl doing warming up exercise

The athletic man in the headphones who is in the park, does a quiet warm-up of the leg muscles in order to warm up the muscles before starting a workout in nature

Asian male stretch leg muscles before jogging exercise Inside the park with trees and green grass and people on the background, body conditioning warm up body before running jogging, flexible leg

An athletic man warming up before the training. Putting the legs up

Close up disabled athlete stretching legs on running track. Woman training on athletics track in slow motion. Sporty lady warming feet before workout outdoors

Confident black girl in simple activewear leaning on leg doing warming up exercised on city river shore.

Top-view full shot of biracial sporty friends doing stretching exercises on back and legs warming up before outdoor training

Young female soccer player in sportswear stretching legs for warming up before workout with team on outdoor field

Female feet in socks. Legs lying on cloth. When passion boils. Warm me up.

Young woman warming up sitting on the yoga mat and doing leg stretching exercises - dance studio

Female runner stretching legs outdoor at sunny day. Asian woman doing stretch exercise for legs. Fit girl warming up legs before fitness workout. Woman warm up legs in park

Woman runner warm up leg muscles exercising in park. Fitness woman running on spot at outdoor workout. Cardio training outdoor

Woman runner warming legs before running outdoor. Sport woman running on spot in slow motion at summer park. Fitness girl doing warming exercise before workout outdoor

Woman having an osteopathic treatment - the doctor warming up her legs and holding them by the feet

Confident black girl in simple activewear leaning on leg doing warming up exercised on city river shore.


Graceful slim women stretching with leg on dancing barre bending forward. Wide shot slim Caucasian concentrated ballerinas warming up muscles. Ballet dancer rehearsing in dance studio. Live camera.

Group of active young teenage girls in sports clothes performing warm up exercises for legs before gymnastics class

Lovely woman is warming up on yoga stretching her legs. She is sitting in a different poses.

Young woman stretching her legs in yoga standing stretch exercise as part of a fitness routine or active lifestyle. Fitness girl doing warm-up before workout doing toe touch leg stretches indoors in

Woman's legs dressed in winter footwear, woman swings her foot, warm dressed woman, winter clothes