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Pan left view of adult man with pulse oximeter breathing oxygen from life support machine while lying on bed in ward of clinic

Left handed man filling in a form

The pretend dead body series. Woman pretending she is dead or drunk man take pick drags body in house flat. Woman overdrunked sleaping on floor.

Woman typing on laptop, computer. slide left

A moving shot from left to right alon a make up palette, a person takes a brush and uses a color from the palette...

Back view man walking across beautiful park in autumn. Rear view of mature senior looking somewhere left. Grey hair person strolling slowly through fall park outdoors.

Close view of appealing happy young woman in pink sweater which writing something by left hand


Close up male left ear. Human ear listening information or music sound. Head parts and human body anatomy

A disappointed young strong male sportsman sitting and looking down. An upset boxer after the failure

Using a whole roll of toilet paper.


Side view of young romantic queer man smelling red flower touching neck with petals. Thoughtful Caucasian smiling LGBT person posing at yellow background on the left.

A shot and view from the left shoulder of a person spraying fruits with pesticides...

Disappointed mature businessman standing by the sea shore. Old man in suit having negative changes in his business career and facing bankruptcy. Gloomy mood.


Woman using computer close-up. The camera slowly moves to the left

Man going in to Restroom

The blue blinking light on a desk phone indicating someone has left a voice message.


Young handsome Caucasian queer man putting on coronavirus face mask decorated with flowers. Portrait of LGBT person posing at yellow background on the left looking at camera. Covid-19 concept.

Judge desk in court room 4k

Man is tired after a long hike. Drinks from water bottle, but nothing is left.

Close up young man stressed and worried, pan left. - Slow Motion - shot on RED

Misk, Belarus - August 25, 2020: Aerial view of many people at a rally against dictator Lukashenko in Belarus. Slow motion. The camera moves from the left to the right and zooms in


Half face of young queer man on the left posing at yellow background looking at camera. Redhead Caucasian androgynous LGBT person with brown eyes. Individuality and diversity.

Healthy young man training his left biceps

Hands of two doctors in gloves making operation of animal in modern veterinary clinic. The doctor takes instrument from the table in the foreground. Animal treatment concept. Camera moves left

Portrait of pretty brunette woman sitting in the chair of doctor oculist doing eye test. Professional ophthalmologist checks the eyesight of the patient. Eye examination. Camera moves left

Male leaves restroom exits left


Side view close-up of young queer man standing at yellow background on the left putting red flower in moth looking at camera. Positive Caucasian androgynous LGBT person posing.

A female student takes notes on a paper notepad while sitting in a public park. Closeup footage, the camera pans from right to left to reveal copy space.

Cropped image of a left-handed construction worker wearing protective clothing taking notes on construction site

Pan left view of men in uniform browsing data on tablet and discussing unfinished bridge during work on construction site

Pan left view of men in scrubs and face shields speaking and supporting black male patient while finishing CT scanning procedure in contemporary laboratory of clinic

Young woman practices yoga in a city park. On the grass.

Beautiful Muslim lady in black traditional hijab looking at camera and smiling. Portrait of beautiful lady with brown eyes. Eastern people, traditions. Camera moving from right to left around.


Young androgynous man standing on the left at yellow background with bouquet of white flowers. Portrait of Caucasian queer person posing looking at camera.

Pan left view of adult woman speaking with little cancer patient while visiting son in ward of oncology hospital

Cute young woman and a handsome bearded blond man sitting at the table. The man telling a story to his girlfriend. The cute couple has a date. Camera moving left and right

The attractive couple talking inside a car. slow motion

Glamour brunette woman and a handsome bearded blond man sitting at the table. The man telling a story to his girlfriend. The cute couple has a date. Camera moving left and right

Medium shot of elderly man in glasses telling something to young caregiver or grandson, tracking left

employee shifts eyes from left to right then looking at the camera. portrait young caucasian man wearing casual blue shirt sitting at the workplace in modern office.


Macro view of white wooden chess on checkerboard

Woman left hand after manicure procedure in beauty salon

Pack of videos a male tattooed hand perform multiple gestures. Finger swipes from left to right multiple times on green screen chroma key background

Closeup footage of a businesswoman counting money and calculating a budget on a tablet computer. Dolly move from left to right.

Pretty girl writing in the notebook and smiling to the camera, steadycam shot

Close up man moving ear. Male left ear profile view. Human hearing organs. Human body part. Head anatomy

Raised open hand palms on green screen background. Closeup left and right palm hands showing ten fingers on green chromakey background

Young woman practices yoga in a city park. On the grass.