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Gladden female customer leaving restaurant with close up satisfied face and smartphone in slow motion

Annoyed Caucasian men and women arguing in cafe on sunny day. Group of friends conflicting in restaurant. Bearded man and blond woman standing up and leaving. Conflict, communication problems.

Side view of confident Caucasian waiter in Covid-19 face mask checking order and leaving. Serious young man working in restaurant on coronavirus pandemic.

Japanese woman leaving restaurant. Tokyo, Japan

Polite Caucasian boyfriend helping girlfriend to sit on the chair in restaurant and leaving. Portrait of happy young loving couple resting in summer outdoor cafe on sunny day.

Confident beautiful businesswoman taking order in cafe and leaving with two coffee cups. Portrait of successful brunette Caucasian woman buying coffee-to-go in restaurant for lunch.


Beer glass on table in restaurant with unrecognizable waitress in apron taking drink leaving. Professional employee with tray cleaning bar pub for visitors. Service industry concept.

Side view of young man buying coffee and leaving. Portrait of male client taking cup from smiling Caucasian barista in cafeteria. Lifestyle and leisure. Restaurant business.

Side view of young beautiful multiethnic couple taking order in cafe and leaving. Positive Caucasian handsome man and beautiful woman ordering takeaway lunch in restaurant.

Side view of confident beautiful stewardess with suitcase walking along cafeteria. Camera follows positive Caucasian woman leaving cafe with travel bag. Lifestyle and occupations concept.

Businesspeople finish their break in the cafe and leaving

Young couple sitting in a cafe with coffee, then man leaving

Angry man tired of waiting for his girlfriend and leaves the restaurant. Man cant wait anymore, leaves the flowers behind him and leaves the restaurant.

Happy couple paying bill brought by waiter and leaving cafe

Friends having a quarrel and boy leaving restaurant


Portrait of positive couple talking sitting in restaurant with tea as waiter bringing order in slow motion and leaving. Smiling happy African American boyfriend and Caucasian girlfriend dating resting.

a young couple leaves the restaurant after a date


Slow motion of friends leaving bar with phone on table


Live camera follows male waiter with mustache walking in luxurious old-fashioned restaurant in slow motion. Confident Caucasian adult man passing leaving with menu for guests. Luxury and service.

Smiling handsome man taking coffee cup from cafe counter and leaving. Portrait of successful young Caucasian businessman having break in restaurant. Lifestyle concept.

Young positive Caucasian woman in Covid face mask choosing food in self-service restaurant and leaving in slow motion. Portrait of confident lady dining at brunch in cafeteria on coronavirus pandemic.

Lovely couple paying bill in the bar using dollars and leaving

Wide shot of positive young woman shaking hand of friend and leaving. Happy relaxed Caucasian lady waving and smiling. Friends meeting in cafe or restaurant.

Girl finish drinking coffee and leaving restaurant

Attractive woman finishes drinking juice and leaving exotic restaurant, steadyca

Positive millennial Caucasian couple buying coffee and leaving. Portrait of smiling barista serving clients in cafe, talking and smiling. Restaurant business concept. Cinema 4k ProRes HQ.

Tasty steak with vegetables and leaves lying on the plate in front of the woman in the restaurant. Alcohol glass standing near. The lady has dinner alone. Camera moving left

A young man texting at his smartphone, grabs his laptop and leaves the coffe shop. Leaving the table after finishing lunch.

men finishing coffee and leaving the table outside the cafe

Medium shot of two multi-ethnic saleswomen closing small cafe turning off close sign board and lifting furniture before leaving

Elegant woman hurry while drinking coffee in the cafe, steadycam shot

The pianist finishes the performance, closes the vintage piano, leaves it. Professional musician, young musician. Old-fashioned restaurant interior.

Woman typing the last message before leaving the restaurant. Business woman finishing her work, closes her laptop and leaves


Portrait of male waiter looking at camera walking in slow motion holding tray with dessert and salad and leaving. Confident Caucasian man serving lunch in luxurious restaurant indoors.

Friends arguing with each other in the cafe and woman leaving

Young man finishing breakfast and going away, 4K

Man saying goodbye and leaving friend in the cafe, steadycam shot

Confident senior man walking with food tray in self-service restaurant as blurred waitress passing at front. Portrait of handsome Caucasian male client in cafeteria. Guy leaving with lunch.

Male Caucasian chef putting fresh baked pizza on table and leaving. Unrecognizable cook working in restaurant kitchen indoors. Professional cooking tasty delicious dish.


Portrait of waiter in Covid-19 face mask walking with dessert and salad on tray in slow motion leaving. Confident Caucasian man working in luxurious restaurant serving order on coronavirus reopening.

Portrait of young beautiful Caucasian woman in Covid face mask taking takeaway coffee in cafe and leaving, two men approaching to counter. Social distancing in restaurant during coronavirus pandemic.

A brunette beautiful girl leaving the restaurant after finishing her work and coffee. closing the laptop and leaving the restaurant

Portrait of young woman cutting tasty steak lying with vegetables and leaves on the plate in the restaurant. Alcohol glass standing near. Camera moving right

Woman arguing with friends and leaving them in the cafe

Hands of young woman cutting tasty steak lying with vegetables and leaves on the plate in the restaurant. Alcohol glass standing near. Camera moving right

Elegant woman checking time and leaving someone in the cafe, steadycam shot=

Portrait of positive cafe worker giving coffee and paper bag to couple of clients over counter and smiling. Happy Caucasian man and woman leaving with food and drink. Service and restaurant business.

Businesspeople finish working and leaving outdoor cafe, steadycam shot