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Unrecognizable male employee putting cabbages on shelf in grocery and leaving. Man in uniform adding assortment of vegetables in supermarket. Commerce, retail, business, service.


Midsection shot of unrecognizable waitress in black and white uniform bringing fresh tasty breakfast on tray in modern hotel room putting it on coffee table and leaving

Young couple in the supermarket. Woman taking frozen food from the fridge and they leaving

The girl sits leaning against the window. A plate on her legs. She mixes the green leaves of the salad with a fork and knife. Tastes the food and enjoys it. Slow motion

Close-up of kiwi fruits lying on shelf in grocery as unrecognizable man putting one into shopping basket and leaving. Unknown male buyer purchasing healthful juicy food in supermarket. Lifestyle.

Leaving packed plastic bag with food on table. Person hand drops white plastic bag on black working desk with empty office chair.

Young couple shopping for fresh vegetables in grocery store. They taking carrots, peppers and leaving

Portrait of young cheerful Caucasian woman smelling tasty croissants and leaving with plate. Smiling happy brunette girl having breakfast at home in the morning. Lifestyle, food, happiness.

Beautiful woman cooking fresh vegetable salad on kitchen table. Playful girl tearing lettuce leaves on salad bowl. Smiling housewife preparing vegetarian meal at home. Woman making healthy food.

Tired Caucasian man wiping forehead with hand, sighing and leaving with box of cabbages. Portrait of exhausted grocery employee working in supermarket. Lifestyle, retail, occupation, commerce.

Person leaving cafeteria with focus on table

Young saleswoman packing macaron into small paper bag and giving it to couple after sale at sweet corner in food mall. Customers saying thanks, waving and walking away

Healthy take away food concept. Fork picking up salad leaves from eco bowl of salad. Healthy vegan lunch at the food court. Bottle of green smoothie in the background.

Unrecognizable woman with shop list making purchases in grocery. Young Caucasian female buyer taking products and leaving with shopping basket. Purchasing, consumerism. , lifestyle.

Side view of young saleswoman giving paper bag with food to couple at counter of deli department. Customers smiling, taking purchase and walking away

Clodeup footage of the fresh salad leaves. A male hand takes greens, salad leaves from the counter in a supermarket. Healthy food

Person picking up trash from cafeteria table

Side view of young beautiful multiethnic couple taking order in cafe and leaving. Positive Caucasian handsome man and beautiful woman ordering takeaway lunch in restaurant.

Serious Caucasian man in suit smelling eggplant, putting it into paper pack and leaving. Young businessman purchasing vegetarian food in supermarket. Healthy lifestyle, vegetarianism. S-log 2.

Young girl in home clothes is eating apple, opening fridge, taking out salad leaves, leaving for cooking. Healthy nutrition, dieting, eating disorder

Young positive Caucasian woman in Covid face mask choosing food in self-service restaurant and leaving in slow motion. Portrait of confident lady dining at brunch in cafeteria on coronavirus pandemic.

Young Caucasian woman eating salad, feeling nausea, and running away. Portrait of beautiful blond lady vomitting at lunch at home. Health care and medical problems. Indigestion symptoms.

Cheerful salesman giving small craft paper bag with spices to middle aged Caucasian couple after purchase. Customers taking it, saying thanks and leaving food market

Young confident Caucasian man in suit walking to camera in greenhouse and leaving. Professional businessman controlling production of organic vegetarian food in glasshouse. Agriculture, agronomy.

SLOW MOTION FOOD: green salad leaves fall on a table close up

Close-up of man in eyeglasses looking at canned food in grocery and leaving. Portrait of concentrated confident Caucasian buyer choosing products in food market. Shooting behind shelves.

Young man finishing breakfast and going away, 4K

Businesspeople finish their lunch break and leaving

Young couple sitting in a cafe with coffee, then man leaving


Portrait of positive couple talking sitting in restaurant with tea as waiter bringing order in slow motion and leaving. Smiling happy African American boyfriend and Caucasian girlfriend dating resting.

SLOW MOTION FOOD: green salad leaves fall on a table close up

Healthy eating, food and diet concept - dark haired young man opening fridge at home kitchen, drinking and putting back black sports bottle on fridge shelf and leaving. Brightt, white kitchen

Apples on branch of apple tree at apple orchard. Closeup of apples on apple tree in garden. Fresh apples on branch of apple tree in summer. Apple harvest. Organic food. Apples in green leaves

Home quarantine. Young woman with a tablet in her hands near the window. Prohibition to leave the house. Orders food and medicine delivery from an online store. Delivery home.

Pile of red Chinese bbq pork on banana leave in Thai local food fair

Healthy eating, food and diet concept - happy young man seeking for food in fridge, taking apple from fridge at home kitchen and close it. Footage from inside

Chef hands holding big aluminium bowl with salad poured with sauce. The man mixing tometoes, spinach, arugula, lettuce and basil leaves close up. Cook preparing food in the kitchen. Healthy lifestyle

Apples on branch of apple tree at apple orchard. Closeup of apples on apple tree in garden. Fresh apples on branch of apple tree in summer. Apple harvest. Organic food. Apples in green leaves

4k closeup footage green lettuce of cabbage leaves. Concept of healthy nutrition and organic food. Perfect background for vegetarian or vegan

Fresh and sweet ripe raspberries with water drops and green leaves. Concept of the summer harvest, canning or food preservation

Close-up of unrecognizable woman disinfecting hands with sanitizer in self-service restaurant, taking tray with food and leaving. Young Caucasian lady dining at lunch on Covid-19 pandemic.


Portrait of waiter in Covid-19 face mask walking with dessert and salad on tray in slow motion leaving. Confident Caucasian man working in luxurious restaurant serving order on coronavirus reopening.

Male Caucasian chef putting fresh baked pizza on table and leaving. Unrecognizable cook working in restaurant kitchen indoors. Professional cooking tasty delicious dish.

Charming young Caucasian blond woman holding tray with healthful vegetarian food looking at camera, and leaving multiethnic queue in lunchroom. Beautiful employee dinning in canteen.

Stylized minimalistic pizza animation: Full pizza is eaten, leaving only crumbs

Stylized minimalistic pizza animation: Full pizza is eaten, leaving only crumbs

People leaving cafeteria focus on chair

hand grilling Thai food in banana leave. Meat and curry mixed inside