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Nice Caucasian mother teaching children at home. Smiling boy and girl doing homework with mom. Kids writing in exercise books and young woman giving tasks. Education, intelligence, elementary school.

Unrecognizable African American college student reading out loud in sunny park. Concentrated young man sitting on bench with book and backpack. Lifestyle and hobby concept.

child molds from clay. little funny girl in pottery class

Excited Caucasian nerd boy typing fast on laptop keyboard. Absorbed college student searching information for project in Internet. Education, diligence, studying.

young black man is viewing and listening online learning webinar on laptop, self-education at home by internet, making notes

Student girl close book

Portrait of two joyful schoolgirls talking and laughing sitting at desk in classroom in school. Positive beautiful Caucasian and African American girls enjoying studying indoors. Friendship concept.

Close-up of page. Hands of young Caucasian girl touching sheet. Information, education concept. Study time. Concept, idea.

The schoolboy enjoys a good mark and says: Yes!

Intelligent Caucasian woman explaining Rorschach test card to the little girl. Female Caucasian psychologist diagnosing child at her office. Pretty kid passing psychological test at school.

Exhausted cute schoolboy putting head on desk and raising Help written on paper. Portrait of tired bored Caucasian boy sitting in classroom in school. Exhaustion and tiredness concept.

Excited smart schoolgirls raising hands to answer teacher question in school. Angle view of intelligent engaged African American and Caucasian girls studying in classroom. Diversity and education.

Middle shot of confident beautiful schoolgirl using video chat on tablet sitting in classroom in school. Portrait of joyful Caucasian girl messaging online studying indoors. Modern childhood lifestyle.

Group of young people touching elbows instead of high-five and laughing. Caucasian university students in face masks celebrating successful college teamwork during Covid-19 pandemic.

child performs the task in a notebook

Close-up of thoughtful brunette boy with brown eyes. Portrait of philosophical Caucasian teenager thinking and rubbing face at green background. Contemplation, planning, lifestyle. Chromakey.

Group of young creative businesspeople working on a project at the boardroom. Beautiful cheerful businesswoman smiling to the camera while making notes. Entrepreneurship concept.

Learning of Arabic language in the classroom

A child with glasses doing homework while reading a textbook with his head resting on a stack of textbooks.

female writer is working over new book or article, afro-american woman sitting alone in room in apartment, holding pen and thinking

Back view of two schoolgirls sitting at desk with blurred teacher explaining lesson at background. Concentrated smart Caucasian and African American girls studying in school. Intelligence and learning.

Strict Caucasian teacher looking at schoolgirl drawing in exercise book. Elementary student studying at home. Private education, diligence, learning. Cinema 4k ProRes HQ.

Learning of Arabic language in the classroom

Mature beautiful woman enjoying drawing with her little student. Cute red haired schoolgirl coloring and drawing with the help of her teacher. Profession, job, occupation, teaching concept.

apprentice - works for an expert to learn a trade. Macro close up of Pencil underlining the word Apprentice in fake Dictionary definition of the word, paper texture visible.

The student puts in a backpack notebooks and textbooks. Back to School.

Pinky swear of smiling cute schoolgirls in classroom. Happy cheerful Caucasian and African American girls shaking little fingers and hugging sitting in school indoors. Friendship and trust concept.


Close up a young mixed race student does homework, writes on paper, studies remotely from home in quarantine online, female fast learner enjoying her weekend with preparing educational lesson

Headshot portrait of happy intelligent African American junior high school student smiling looking at camera. Close-up face of cheerful clever schoolgirl posing in classroom. Confidence and studying.

Charming pretty Caucasian schoolgirl sitting at desk thinking. Portrait of beautiful thoughtful girl in classroom in junior high school indoors. Knowledge and education concept.

A lesson of Arabic language in the school

Portrait of Caucasian girl with ponytails studying as her male classmate playing games at smart phone. Different behaviour of children at lessons. Focused at the background.

Shy beautiful teenage schoolgirl adjusting clothes in public school corridor. Portrait of charming Caucasian adolescent girl standing indoors. Lifestyle concept.

Young man studying at college library, grabbing pencil from cup holder on the front

Close-up of smart cute Caucasian girl writing math problem on chalkboard. Bright intelligent pupil learning studying in school indoors. Education and intelligence concept.

Portrait of sad exhausted African American schoolgirl falling asleep sitting at desk in classroom with blurred Caucasian classmate writing on chalkboard at background. Tired girl in school. Burnout.

School backpacks standing on stairs as blurred children playing football or soccer at the background. Carefree positive Caucasian schoolchildren having fun on break outdoors. Leisure and joy.

Portrait of attractive european girl student holding books in high school library smiling looking at camera. Education, literature and people concept. Classmates on blurred background

An attractive muslim girl writes in a notebook sitting in a cafe with a book. Studying in outdoors cafe, having break. College, self education. Front view

Middle-aged english teacher teaches english phonetics to the schoolboy.

Portrait of a young Caucasian tutor in eyeglasses showing card with letter Z to her student and explaining the correct pronunciation. Little girl learning alphabet with tutor at home or at school.

Top view. A blonde woman discussing over a globe with the kids at indoors. Teacher with pupils who discussing over a globe at on geography lesson at school, slow motion

Misbehaving African American adolescent girl grimacing saying bla-bla as unrecognizable man gesturing at background. Unknown angry father scolding bored daughter at home. Adolescence and education.

View of big book. Schoolgirl flipping through dictionary. Woman's hands. Close-up of teenager. Indoors. Education, studying. Lesson, school.

Cute Caucasian schoolgirl jumping up at the table and making victory gesture. Unrecognizable female tutor standing at the foreground on the right. Education, happiness, intelligence.

Group of aggressive teenagers mocking nerd sad boy in high school corridor. Teenage Caucasian boys and girls laughing at bullied stressed classmate. Adolescence aggression concept.

Charming smart Caucasian schoolgirl closing workbook and smiling looking at camera. Blurred African American classmate at background in classroom. Portrait of happy girl posing in school indoors.

Nerd Caucasian schoolgirl writing in workbook and raising hand answering teacher question with sad embarrassed blurred African American classmate crossing hands standing at chalkboard.