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Handsome man in blue sweater leaning on window's sill and relaxing, steadycam sh

Low angle side view of young Caucasian businesswoman leaning head against glass wall in modern offic

Confident young woman leaning against wall

Closeup of sexy brunette woman in white shirt and blue jeans leaning against metal fence at modern street


Woman leaning against wall with eyes closed relaxing 4k

Tired business woman working with headache in home office. Stressed businesswoman upset by bad financial report. Tired woman leaning back at workplace. Female employee thinking about work in office

Focused business woman working on laptop computer in home office. Disappointed business analyst found mistake in financial report. Stress at work. Sad businesswoman leaning back at workplace

Trendy young woman with a pierced lip and vampire tattoo wearing stylish sunglasses sitting on a sidewalk leaning against a graffiti covered wall

Front view of young mixed-race woman leaning against the wall in backyard of home 4k

Medium slow-motion close-up of young multi-ethnic couple smiling standing in posh hotel room, attractive asian woman leaning on man shoulder

Upset man leaning against Stairwell Rail

PAN of laughing businessmen in suits and ties leaning on railings and chatting

Depressed male sitting in stairwell leaning against rail 4k

Smiling Woman Leaning Against Railing at the Beach

Gentle and pretty woman in casual clothing sitting at table and looking away while leaning on hand

Front view of young Caucasian male executive with hand on chin leaning at window in modern office 4k

Pensive woman sitting on floor leaning on wall in light room. Thoughtful woman sitting on carpet floor and leaning on wall nearly window. Attractive girl dreaming

An Asian female student wearing a yellow hijab leaning against bookshelves and reading a book

Man leaning against wall in stairwell

Senior man leaning against the wall 4k

Close-up portrait of frustrated fired man sitting in underground crossing and thinking. Depressed handsome young businessman leaning against urban wall. Caucasian entrepreneur on unemployment.

Handsome healthy senior man in his 60s or 70s leaning against a fence looking out at a marina and all the sailboats in the bay - stabilized shot

Sexy african american girl with afro haircut leaning against white concrete wall in rays of the setting sun. She looking at camera with confident smile. Wearing trendy fashionable clothes.

Pensive young woman leaning against a wall


Side view of young African American man in eyeglasses and smart casual outfit leaning against glass wall and messaging on smartphone during workday in office

Senior businesswoman standing outdoors on building terrace, leaning on railing.

Young girl looking troubled leaning against brick wall on city street 4k

Black Woman Leaning Against Wall

Happy girl leaning on the tree in the park and relaxing

Woman reading book leaning on sofa

Woman Leaning Against Railings Viewing the Sea

Relaxed young man sleeping leaning on cozy sofa.

Young male working at laptop on startup project, sitting at table in office, leaning back in chair having rest after done work

African American Man Leans Against Tree Looks Off Into Distance

Man Leaning Against A Banister Looking At A Tablet Pc 4 K

Girl leaning up against brick wall

Senior boxer leaning against the punching bag 4k

Man leaning against white wall in striped shirt with arms crossed

Girl leaning on fence and laughing to the camera

Portrait of young handsome man standing leaning on reading a book - commuter, student, knowledge concept. Young man in plaid shirt reading a book in the college library

Sexy sultry young woman with a vampire tattoo on her arm sitting leaning against a white outdoor wall turning to stare at the camera

Thoughtful man leaning on a tree in the park and writing something in notebook

Handsome and self-assured guy, manager of company pondered and stares into distance in front of him, leaning head against hand, laughing and smiling, holding gadget in hands and sitting at table with

An Asian female student wearing a yellow hijab leaning against bookshelves and using tablet

Exhausted woman in office wear sitting at desk with head leaning on hand and looking aside. Female employee feeling tired from hard work. Burnout concept.

Introvert young woman sitting on brick paving leaning against a white exterior wall thinking and staring at the camera

Woman in White Dress Leaning Against Beach Wall

The girl sits leaning against the window. A plate on her legs. She mixes the green leaves of the salad with a fork and knife. Tastes the food and enjoys it. Slow motion