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"leak lens flare"
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Light Leaks Lens Flare

HD Light Leak 12 Graphical Element

Film Burns Pack 10 In 1

Light Leaks Pack 4K - 22

Strong white light reveal. 4K cinematic epic light Leaks overlay for diferent project.

Realistic Film Burn Light Leak 3

Soft Light Leaks 7

Realistic Film Burn Light Leak 4

Bright warm lens flare and leaks on a dark background. Warm lens flare effect to use in blend or overlay.

Light Leaks Pack 4K - 3

Light Leaks Pack 4K - 14

Soft Light Leaks 45

Soft Light Leaks 11

Realistic Film Burn Light Leak 6

Camera Flash Light Flares With Sound 02

Soft Light Leaks 18

Blue Rays Overlay

Light leaks elements and lens flares on black background. Vintage worm lens flares

Ultra hight definition effect of light leaks on dark background. 4k footage of light leak effect.

Camera Flash Light Flares With Sound 01

Light Leaks Pack 4K - 10

Light Leaks Pack 4K - 5

Warm rays of light for overlay or transition purposes. Optical lens flare effect over a dark background.

Beautiful organically captured lens flares over black background. Light leaks

Light Transitions and Light Leaks

Optical lens flares moving on a dark background. Light rays caused by lens distortion.

HD Light Leak 36 Graphical Element

Light leaks in motion on the edges in high definition. Sparkles appear on the edges of the frame.

Film Burn 01 Graphical Element

Golden Bokeh Overlay

Light Leaks Pack 4K - 7

Light Leaks Pack 4K - 21

HD Light Leak 9 Graphical Element

Light Leaks Pack 4K - 13

Realistic Film Burn Light Leak 7

4K Light Leak 12 (With Alpha)

Light Leaks Pack 4K - 24

Film Burn 04 Graphical Element

Glass Light Leaks 11

Light transition and light leak

Minimalist sparkles on the edges of the frame. Light leaks slowly appear and dissapear.

HD Light Leak 40 Graphical Element

Bright warm light distortions effect for better film footage. Lens flare.

4K Light Leak 35 (With Alpha)

4K Light Leak 37 (With Alpha)

Abstract light leaks and lens flares on black background. Visual effects. Perfect overlay for your footage

Light Leak 22 Graphical Element

Big lens flare in the top right corner of the frame. Bokeh and visual effects