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Young caucasian businessman sleeping with book on the sofa in living room. Tired man have a nap after hard day or resting in weekend in flat

A teenage boy is lying on the comfortable couch and watching TV, he's bored, so he switches channels with the remote control.

Medium close up of caucasian adult man in tattoos awakening, stretching up in bed and putting on his eyeglasses

Full slow-motion arc shot of bored young afro man lying on couch in modern apartment switching channels on TV procrastinating

attractive brunette woman drinking coffee in luxury bedroom

The businessman in the chair playing with a tennis ball. slow motion

Close-up portrait of adult Caucasian man sleeping on couch at home. Lazy guy scratching his face, remote controller falling down. Leisure, resting, lifestyle.

Medium shot of young lazy african american man lying on sofa in front of TV at night, switching channels then falling asleep with remote control in hands

Close up of young sleepy woman waking up in morning, lying around in bed, smiling while stretching out lazily

Young sleepy man yawning on couch as unrecognizable Caucasian woman in apron gesturing at the foreground. Tired husband refusing to help wife with housekeeping.

Slow-motion close up of adult caucasian man waking in morning, stretching in bed lazily, wearing eyeglasses

Medium slow-motion footage of young pretty woman with dreadlocks stretching in bed after waking up late in morning

Fake blond girls with earphones lying on grass holding a smartphone

Funny fat mature man shakes biceps lounging in a chair at home

Close-up of redhead Caucasian man sleeping on couch at home. Lazy young guy resting alone at home. Leisure, resting, lifestyle.

Funny fat mature man shakes biceps lounging in a chair at home

Beautiful long brown hair woman in pajama waking up fully rested and stretching her arms in early morning in hotel. Positive female entering a day happy and relaxed after good night sleep in bedroom.

What a pleasure to do nothing! Carefree attractive relaxed woman in checkered shirt lying on the bed, rising crossed legs and looking at ceiling dreamily and light-heartedly while resting in bedroom.


Close-up black grey cat sitting on wooden fencing and stretching in twilight outdoors. Happy lazy calm domestic animal resting at sunset with green lawn at background. Pets concept.

Slow-motion full shot of sleepy man waking up late in morning, taking eyeglasses from bedside table and stretching in bed lazily

Strict irritated lovely mother taking away smartphone from adorable lazy mischievous preadolescent girl, having fun playing online game, forcing daughter to study while practicing homeschooling indoor

Portrait of young Caucasian man sitting on coach and eating apples. Plump adult guy with red hair resting alone at home. Lifestyle, loneliness, relaxation.


Young man swinging in a hammock while using phone

Young, beautiful woman lying on the bed, watching TV and using smartphone

Young man lying on sofa eating snack from using computer. Caucasian businessman resting in living room surfing internet on laptop eats unhealthy food after working day at home

portrait of a sweet woman who looks at the sun with a smile while on the nature in the warm laziness of the day, the streams of wind waving her hair

Drunk man lays comfortable at bench in the park

Old woman switching TV channels

Old man in a business suit drunk in the park

Slow-motion top-view footage of sleepy young caucasian woman lying in bed, stretching lazily after waking up

Drunk man is sleeping at the bench at the park

Sleepy yawning boy. Green hromakey background for keying.

Adult man is sleeping at the bench at the park

Drone view woman cyclist lying on green grass and using mobile phone

Portrait of carefree young woman in headphones listening to music sitting in office with blurred coworkers working at background. Careless Caucasian employee ignoring job indoors at workplace.

A young woman reading a book in a swining hammock under trees outdoor.

Handsome man giving his girlfriend piggy back ride

Inefficient lazy african male office worker in wireless headphones playing video game on digital tablet, relaxing and entertaining online instead of work while sitting in office with foot on the desk.

Happy woman piggybacking her handsome boyfriend

Young, beautiful woman sleeping on sofa at home

Pillow Party 1080p

lifestyle beautiful brunette woman in white luxury bedroom

attractive brunette woman drinking coffee in luxury bedroom

Happy singing girls sharing earphones lying on grass

Men's feet on the background of the swimming pool, relax on vacation

Young red-haired woman does not want to get up in the morning and hides ringing alarm clock under his pillow.

Lovely plus size long brown hair woman waking up and stretching her arms in the bed in early morning. Back view. Fully rested charming middle aged woman stretching in the bed after awake.

attractive brunette woman with flower in her hair drinking red juice in bedroom