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Close up of young sleepy woman waking up in morning, lying around in bed, smiling while stretching out lazily

Slow-motion close up of adult caucasian man waking in morning, stretching in bed lazily, wearing eyeglasses

Golden retriever dog lazily resting on pavement looking at surroundings and waiting for his owner

Slow-motion top-view footage of sleepy young caucasian woman lying in bed, stretching lazily after waking up

Two girl friends or a homosexual couple are lazily waking up in the morning in their big and comfy bed, happily smile and laugh

Medium close-up of relaxed male office worker lazily sitting on chair in modern office with hands on desk, slowly typing on laptop and sipping coffee from plastic cup


Young male leopard lies lazily in tree

Slow-motion full shot of sleepy man waking up late in morning, taking eyeglasses from bedside table and stretching in bed lazily

A black and white cat is lying on a light painted stone surface. She is lazily playing with her paws and looking around. There is a beautiful landscape behind her with a sparkling blue sea, clear sky

The brown bears at Spring Sunny Day lazily walk at the Ground

Adorable and sweet little brown dog lays down on wooden table or floor, doing as ordered, yawns lazily and bored, isolated on white background

Close-up beautiful huge white red cat with blue eyes and long hair lies lazily on windowsill in apartment next to gray toy mouse