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Close up shot of grass in park in sun beams during sunrise

Modern American Home with Blue Sky and Green Grass

Green lawn and sunlight. Golf field surface.

Cutting green Lawn Close up

Close up of barefooted young girl walking on grass

Tracking close up shot of green lawn in backyard of house with wooden fence

homeowner fertilizing the lawn slow motion

dolly shot of lush green grass

Hydrangea shrubs in the park. Garden in summer.

Lawn mower blades cutting grass in slow motion

Beautiful green grass. Lawn natural for background

Green fresh grass as a nice background

slow motion water sprinkler on a lawn

real field and flowers at sunset


Green grass close-up super macro shooting abstract background.

Landscaper mowing the lawn of a modern American suburban home with a standing mower

Cutting grass with garden scissors close-up, farmer mowing green leaves on lawn with pruning shear or secateur, farming and gardening concept.

Lawn mower grass shooting out in slow motion

Lawn Mower Pusher POV

Adult male mowing the lawn in front of his American suburban home with a push mower

homeowner fertilizing his lawn 4k

Worker with a string lawn trimmer mower cutting grass. Close up. Cutting grass in the park.

Summer landscape. Automatic watering system for plants and lawn. Water sprinkler showering grass in park.

Fresh green lawn on city park flower bed. Decorative landscape design with green grass, fir trees and sidewalks in public recreation area on sunset.

Lawn and falling raindrops at night, shallow DOF. Super slow motion clip, 500 fps

Quaint American Cape Cod style home on a sunny day, with green grass and blue sky.

Slow motion of a string trimmer cutting weeds and grass in a garden

Field of Blossoming Poppies, Some Movement by Wind

Little white daisy flower with green bokeh baclground

Slow motion Shot: Large professional Lawnmower cuts grass on summer lawn

Light skin female hand touches a green high crops natural grass field, farmer using hand checkin on growth crops cultivating lawn, hand touch nature, beautiful morning sunlight, warm summer weather

Green grass animation for lower 3rd, matte included.

Beautiful green grass and the slow motion of the sun.

slow motion lawn sprinkler in grass

Green grass under sunshine close up. Low angle view of green grass with water drops on leaves in macro close up.


dandelions in spring outdoors

The flight above the beautiful park. quadrocopter shot

Close up of grass. Beautiful green grass background.

Green grass dew on sunset rural countryside field. Calm meadow on morning sunrise close up. Abstract shot fresh lawn growing on spring pasture landscape background. Nature beauty peaceful concept.

Green grass lawn and falling raindrops, shallow DOF. Super slow motion video, 500 fps

Green grass and man with lawnmower. 4K low angle view, slow motion shot

Flower garden in the park. Water sprinkler in a garden pouring flowers.

Automatic rotating sprinkler watering the lawn in front of a suburban home

Close up lawn watering in town

Forward travel over well kept park area towards large shade trees

Green grass close-up super macro shooting.

Yellow dandelion flowers among green grass on lawn

Morning dew shining brightly on the green mountain grass. Coziness, harmony, nature beauty. Slow motion, camera stabilizer shot, close up view