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Young male walking through laundromat listening to music 4k

Man at Laundromat washing clothes

Video of self-service laundry - coin wash.

Young male frustrated and upset while sitting at laundromat 4k

Washing Machine Cleaning Clothes At Laundromat In Slow Motion.

Clothes is washing in the washer with a lot of foam, in the laundry, washday, using the washer


Woman checking clothes after washing in washing machine 4k

Clothes washing in the washing machine. Detergent foam.

Process of washing in the washer, in the laundry, washday, using the washer

Woman in laundrette waiting

Washing machine. Time lapse.

Portrait of woman dancing in the self-service public laundry.

Industrial washing machine washing clothes. Laundry machine working. Industrial machine washing clothing. Laundry washing machine. Industry laundry service

Industrial washer. Cleaning service


Woman having coffee while using mobile phone at laundromat 4k

Industrial laundry room. Washer machines in laundry service. Industrial laundry machine washing clothes. Hotel laundry room. Industrial washer and dryer working

Closeup Washing machine

Close-up of water mixed with washing detergent flowing down glass of laundry machine in dry-cleaning salon. Industrial washing machine during work in dry cleaning, close-up on flowing foam

A detergent is poured into a washing machine - closeup

African American male waiting for clothes to wash at laundromat 4k

African American male waiting at laundromat while listening to music 4k

Young African American Male sitting at laundromat thinking 4k

Young woman reading magazine while washing her laundry at laundromat.


African american senior man taking clean laundry out of washing machine at home

Dryers at the laundromat


African american senior man putting dirty laundry into washing machine at home


African american senior man putting dirty laundry into washing machine at home

Dirty Clothes in Hamper


Woman writing on book at laundromat 4k

Young man with baby is setting a clothes to the washing machine in a laundry

Dhobi Ghat (Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat) was an open air laundromat (lavoir) in Mumbai, India. The washers, known as dhobis, work in the open to clean clothes and linens from Mumbai's hotels and hospitals.

Woman in laundrette, putting in laundry in machine

Female worker loading washing machine at hotel laundry. Woman working at industrial laundry service. Employee loading laundry in industrial washer. Commercial laundry room.

Young woman sorting clothes for washing standing in the self service laundry.

A GoPro view from inside a washing machine of a woman putting in dirty clothes

Washing machine. Time lapse.

Industrial washer in laundry

Woman using smartphone while washing her laundry at laundromat.

Dobi Ghat Open Air Laundromat

Industrial washer machine working. Clothes laundry machine. Close up of laundry clothes in industry washing machine. Working washing machine. Closeup of clothes washer. Laundry clothes washing

Spinning drum of loaded industrial washing machine in dry-cleaning salon, close-up on vibration of centrifuge. Big laundry machine spinning washed clothes after manual dry cleaning

Young adult listening to music at laundromat 4k

Middle age man wearing glasses loading the the clothes to washing machine. View from the inside of washing machine.

Close-up of spinning drum of loaded with clothing industrial washing machine working in dry-cleaning salon, foam flowing on glass. Big laundry machine washing dirty clothes after manual dry cleaning

Woman in laundrette, putting laundry in machine

Close-up of female employee finger pressing buttons selecting machine dry cleaning mode. Skillful woman worker turning on industrial washing machine and loading dry cleaning program

A GoPro view from inside a washing machine of a woman putting in dirty clothes

Closeup Washing machine