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"launch pad"
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Space Shuttle Leaving Launch Pad

Aerial view of launch pad sunset

Circling around aerial view of launch pad

Aerial view of space center and launch pad

Flowers in the Grass with Space Shuttle in the Background

Men Working in Space Center

15 august 2018, Moscow, Russia - Russian white plane rides on the launch pad

Apollo 11 Lifting Off

Aerial of view of launch pad and ocean

Aerial view of shuttle

Fire From Engine of Apollo Rocket

View of Space Shuttle Take Off From Below

Flames and Space Shuttle Lift Off

Toy-like rocket blasting off from launch pad. Matte included.

Space Shuttle on Launch Pad

Bottom of Saturn Rocket During Lift Off

Debris and Flames During Space Shuttle Lift Off

Rocket launch pad on sunset

Aerial view of shuttle and launch pad

Apollo Rocket Detaching From Launch Tower

Aerial view of launch pad day

American Flag on Space Shuttle

Fire From Shuttle Lift Off Getting Further Away

Space Shuttle Preparing for Launch

Full View of Apollo 14 Lift Off

Space Shuttle On Launch Pad

Apollo 14 Lift Off and Flames from Engine

Space Shuttle Lifting Off

Fire From Space Shuttle Take Off

Rocket Lift Off From Launch Pad

Apollo 14 Lifting Off

Machine Detaches as Space Shuttle Launches

Flames Coming out of Space Shuttle

A slow motion close-up view of a new hi-tech space-age rocket taking off from its launchpad.

Side of Apollo 14 Space Shuttle During Lift Off

Window View of Apollo 14 Lifting Off

USA on Side of Space Shuttle

Machine Attached to Space Shuttle