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Slow motion shot of a huge Great Dane dog shaking off water in a bathtub after a bath.

An owner petting, kissing, and loving on his huge dog after she was bathed in slow motion

Close up slow motion handheld shot of a large black dog being rinsed off with a hand sprayer while washing the soap off her fur.


Woman washes her hands in kitchen

Hand held shot of a middle aged man talking and washing a great dane. The large breed dog is cooperating while being groomed inside of a bathtub

Man's best friend looks at his owner, yawns and then looks at the camera while the owner is laughing all while giving the dog a bath in a bathtub.

A large black Great Dane dog shaking water off while getting his owner wet during a bath and then sticks her large nose into the camera with an extreme close up.

A middle aged man and a large Great Dane dog look at each other while the dog is getting a bath in slow motion

Slow motion hand held portrait of a Great Dane being rinsed off during a bath revealing her large head

Close up slow motion shot of a middle aged man giving a large black dog a bath wearing a white tee shirt while enjoying spending time with his best friend and companion.

A middle aged man kisses the nose of his dog and rubs her neck and chin while giving it a bath in slow motion.

A middle aged man smiles and is looking at his large breed dog while the dog looks at him in slow motion

A caucasian young man drying off his black great dane dog with a towel after a bath in a large bathtub in slow motion.

Unrecognizable person lathering his hands with soap

MIddle aged man lathering up a Great Dane dog in a bath tub with shampoo while having a good time

Young bearded man is washing head in a shower at home, close-up. Male is lathering his head with shampoo in domestic bathroom.

Close up portrait of a Great Dane's head while her middle aged owner cleans her off in a large bathtub at home.

Steadicam shot of a middle aged man enjoying giving his great dane a dog bath using a hand sprayer and rinsing her feet and body.

Man rinsing off a large black Great Dane with a hand sprayer in slow motion while inside a huge bathtub.

In the bathroom, a woman is thinking under the shower head of a washing cloth for dogs on a Yorkshire terrier and lathering her hair with her hands

Hand held slow motion shot of a man and a large domesticated dog getting rinsed off in a bathtub with a hand sprayer.