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"largest predator"
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Great gray owl (Strix nebulosa) is a very large owl, documented as the world's largest species of owl by length. It is distributed across the Northern Hemisphere.

Komodo dragon hiding in stone cavern in the zoo. It is the largest living species of lizard

Underwater arapaima fish slowly swim along the chamber.

Underwater arapaima fish slowly swim along the chamber.

Beautiful exotic fish in the oceanarium

Beautiful fish and corals in the oceanarium

Arapaima fish under water

Asiatic, or Himalayan black bear sitting on a sunny green glade in the large enclosure in a zoo. Strong predator feels a little nervous, sniffing and looking forward discomposedly

exotic fish in the oceanarium

Bird of prey close-up. Not a large feathered predator

Beautiful fish in the oceanarium pool

Large species of crocodile with big teeth resting with its body in water and head on the ground. Semiaquatic reptile predator

Wild monitor lizard. In a small river near human dwellings.