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Two cute well behaved friendly large mixed breed dogs eating a treat out of a hand in slow motion

Obedient female pit bull dog patiently waiting in a sit stay in a lovely outdoor garden on a stone path - dolly shot

Portrait of a cute mongrel dog outdoors

A small dog with a beautiful hairstyle lays on a large green chair and plays with a ball. A large plan of the Yorkshire terrier. Slow motion.

Large yellow or golden labrador retriever mixed breed dog lying on the floor sleeping, waking up and walking away

A well behaved pit bull terrier dog sits attentively in a yard in slow motion dolly shot

Beautiful individual of the Samoyed husky, close-up

Indian cow by the road

A large herd of cows in the Alpine meadows.

Two cute samoyed dogs are playing on the beach in the sea or ocean together. Slowmotion shot

Aerial shot of texas longhorn cattle in a field

Two Donkeys In A Paddock looking at camera

Horses galloping on meadow. Large group of hoofed animals. Chasing the dream. Have hope and strength.

Dog breed husky looking in the camera

Three tall grey dogs heads. Three purebred tall Irish wolfhound dogs on leash calm looking around at exhibition.

Large mixed breed labrador or golden retriever dog sitting and resting her head on a table while waiting for something in slow motion

Hen looking around - head of hicken

Beautiful white samoyed dog in winter park, slow motion

Antelope with large antlers looking at camera 4k

Unrecognizable woman walk with white fluffy samoyed dog in winter park

Beautiful samoyed dog in winter park

Large group of horses. Horseman on the meadow. Owner of ranch with animals. Thoroughbread russian stallions.

Beautiful muzzle of a white horse standing on the barred area of a country ranch. Horses walk outdoors in the winter.

Woman Petting Large Horse On Ranch

British cat lying on the floor and licking it's self for clean

Portrait of a cute mongrel dog outdoors

Two cute samoyed dogs are digging sand on the beach. Slowmotion shot

One cute samoyed dog is digging sand on the beach while another one is running around then pushes the first one. Two adorable samoyed dogs playing on the beach. Slowmotion shot

Slow motion steadicam shot of a middle aged man washing a large breed black dog while kneeling in a huge bathtub and talking to his best friend, a Great Dane.

Happy komondor adult runs playing in courtyard tracking shot. The dog is a large, white-colored Hungarian breed of dog with natural instinct to guard livestock and other property.

Adorable white thoroughbred horse standing behind fence in snow at a suburban ranch. Concept of horse breeding.


Domestic donkeys standing and looking at the camera on farm in sunny day

Hand held shot of a middle aged man talking and washing a great dane. The large breed dog is cooperating while being groomed inside of a bathtub

Portrait of cute black green-eyed fluffy cat lying on floor and looking at camera

Close up adorable muzzle of a white horse standing on a country ranch. Horses walk outdoors in the winter.

Adorable muzzle of a white horse standing on a country ranch. Horses walk outdoors in the winter.

Old dog in coat walking down country road. Aged Golden Retriever with white hair saunters carefully and happily down street in winter. Purebred dog on last walk of his life.

Large Clydesdale Horse Gallops Outside Budwesier Ranch, Slow Motion

Large Clydesdale Horse in Barn, Closeup 4K Shot

Adorable samoyed dog running on sand toward camera point of view. Slowmotion shot

Cute samoyed dog is playing with waves in the ocean or sea. Slowmotion shot

Dogwalkers lead large packs of dogs of many breeds in New York City / Manhattan

Close up vietnamese pigs on the farm. Black pigs on the breeding farm. Farming of domestic pigs.

Close up cute decorative pig at farm. Funny fat vietnamese pig in stall on the farm. Growing pigs concept.

Beautiful white samoyed dog walk on leash in winter park, slow motion

Closeup 4K Shot of a Woman Petting a Large Clydesdale Horse

African Cichlid fishes searching for food between snags and green plants

Man kissing the head of his large black breed Great Dane dog on the head while drying her off with a towel after bathing her.