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Pleasant dark-haired woman sleeping sweet in bed with soft pillows and blanket. Caucasian lady wearing blue pajamas enjoying nights dreams.

Group of cheerful college students passing camera leaving lonely redhead beautiful woman standing by herself. Portrait of upset bullied Caucasian lady on campus outdoors.

Close-up portrait of happy smiling middle aged woman in straw hat enjoying leisure in summer park. Cheerful carefree Caucasian lady resting outdoors on sunny day. Leisure concept.


Exhausted Caucasian woman walking on urban embankment on hot summer day holding elegant high-heels in hand. Portrait of tired Caucasian lady strolling in sunshine outdoors. Lifestyle concept.

Close-up of charming dreamy woman drinking coffee in cafe indoors. Portrait of joyful relaxed beautiful Caucasian lady enjoying break in urban restaurant and looking away dreaming.

Desperate redhead woman sitting alone at home on New Year's eve. Portrait of depressed beautiful Caucasian lady spending holidays thinking. Lonely Christmas of single woman. Cinema 4k ProRes HQ.

Portrait of annoyed young woman closing ears as noisy neighbors making noise on Christmas. Irritated beautiful young Caucasian lady distracted by sounds on New Year's eve. Cinema 4k ProRes HQ.

Close-up face of desperate depressed young woman crying indoors. Headshot portrait of frustrated stressed Caucasian lady cry at home. Depression and frustration despair.

Side view of stressed young woman having severe migraine. Beautiful red-haired Caucasian lady suffering from headache. Symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. Health care and medicine.

Portrait of irritated young woman closing ears with hands and looking up. Annoyed Caucasian lady suffering from neighbor's loud music or conflict. Urban problems concept.


Close-up face of gorgeous serious tattooed pierced young Caucasian woman indoors. Portrait of relaxed confident Caucasian lady posing and moving shoulders dancing in slow motion.

Back view of male nurse rolling wheelchair with young disabled woman along the alley in park. Medical employee taking care of paralyzed Caucasian lady. Social services concept.

Medium shot of Caucasian businessman and Caucasian business lady standing in front of each other, talking and holding paper coffee cups

Annoyed young woman stretching hand to camera in slow motion and turning aside. Portrait of irritated beautiful Caucasian lady at yellow background. Irritation and ignore.

Young overweight woman waking up in the morning. Portrait of relaxed carefree chubby Caucasian lady stretching in bed in bedroom. Awakening of happy plump woman at home.


Close up of caucasian lady sitting on bed and applying body cream on her legs. Mature woman in blue robe moisturizing skin after morning shower.

Chest-up shot of vivacious 50-something blonde Caucasian lady in beige dress talking to male companion at New Years eve party, both holding champagne flutes, looking at each other and smiling

Close-up of beautiful brunette young slim woman with brown eyes looking away thinking. Portrait of charming thoughtful Caucasian lady resting at home indoors. Solitude and femininity concept.

Young Caucasian lady exercising fitness resistance bands while standing in the park. Sport and healthy lifestyle concept

Ill chubby woman lying on couch with white towel on head and coughing. Portrait of exhausted Caucasian lady having symptoms of respiratory disease and fever. Illness and health care.

Close-up of unrecognizable woman checking pulse of victim hit by car on asphalt summer road. Slim Caucasian lady holding palm and touching it with fingers. First aid and road accidents.


Wide shot back view of gorgeous slim businesswoman walking with purse and travel bag in slow motion outdoors. Confident Caucasian lady strolling on Mediterranean embankment. Business trip concept.

Close-up of depressed beautiful young woman listening to friends talking and shaking head. Portrait of frustrated Caucasian lady supported by women calming her down.

Concentrated blind young woman reading braille book at home. Portrait of beautiful disabled Caucasian lady enjoying hobby indoors. Disability and special needs concept.

Old grey-haired woman looking at camera smiling standing in summer park. Leisure outdoors. Mature caucasian lady resting in the garden. Healthy cheerful senior retired lady with face portrait

Close-up of confident hippie woman with piercings and dreadlocks in sunglasses looking at camera smiling. Portrait of young Caucasian lady posing outdoors in urban city. Lifestyle and subculture.

Close-up of absorbed young beautiful woman watching show or movie on smartphone. Portrait of engrossed Caucasian lady enjoying film with shocked facial expression. Cinema 4k ProRes HQ.

Camera approaches to happy pregnant woman standing in kitchen and stroking belly. Portrait of relaxed confident Caucasian lady enjoying pregnancy at home.


Confident elegant thoughtful woman sitting on urban embankment at Mediterranean sea putting on hat. Portrait of slim beautiful Caucasian lady resting after quitting job with cardboard box.

Upset beautiful woman looking at camera with blurred friends dancing at background. Portrait of sad Caucasian lady posing in living room with people having fun in kitchen.

Side view of sad hairless woman checking thyroid at home. Upset stressed young Caucasian lady having cancer looking at mirror. Oncological lifestyle and chemotherapy side effects.

Young slim ill woman sneezing sitting on couch in living room. Wide shot portrait of upset Caucasian lady having symptoms of respiratory disease. Medicine and health care concept.


Portrait of brunette woman with green eyes smelling fresh hot tea in cup smiling. Front view of confident Caucasian lady enjoying afternoon lunch in restaurant indoors. Slow motion.

Close-up of hamburger on plate with blurred overweight woman waving hands gesturing no. Unrecognizable plus-size Caucasian lady rejecting to eat junk fast food. Dieting and obesity concept.

Attractive long haired happy caucasian lady laying on the comfortable modern grey couch and watching amusing pictures on her laptop, typing and sincerely smiling

Cheerful women gossiping and laughing as blurred sad lady sitting at background with hands crossed. Joyful young Caucasian ladies sharing rumors and introvert friend ignoring gossips.


Medium shot portrait of smiling confident plus-size lady in white bathrobe and hair towel applying skin moisturized on face. Happy relaxed beautiful overweight Caucasian lady taking care of body.

Embarrassed mid-adult brunette woman sitting in outdoor cafe and searching for wallet. Portrait of confused nervous Caucasian lady forgot money for coffee. Aging problems.

Positive young woman toasting and clinking coffee cups with friends in cafe. Beautiful Caucasian lady sharing good news with group of people. Friendship and leisure. Cinema 4k ProRes HQ.

Slender caucasian lady is doing sports at home stretching body, arms and legs leaning to the floor enjoying activity and healthy lifestyle. Sport and millennials concept

Bored sad tired woman pouring flour on dough sitting in kitchen at home. Portrait of slim beautiful Caucasian lady cooking indoors. Boredom and exhaustion.

Headshot of gorgeous brunette confident young woman drinking tea in slow motion and looking at camera smiling. Close-up portrait of beautiful slim Caucasian lady posing with hot drink in restaurant.

Unrecognizable woman calming down friend caressing hand. Young Caucasian lady supported by caring woman indoors.

Young joyful woman making bed in the morning and falling back on white blanket. Cheerful carefree Caucasian lady enjoying weekends or vacations in bedroom at home.

Side view of upset beautiful woman putting away unhealthy bun and eating healthful vegetables. Sad Caucasian lady controls weight by healthy eating.

Wide shot of sad middle aged woman rubbing injured elbow and kicking bicycle lying on park alley. Portrait of upset Caucasian lady fell from bike outdoors. Pain and trauma concept.


Headshot of young slim beautiful woman with beautician hands in black gloves massaging face spreading enzyme peel. Confident gorgeous Caucasian lady in spa beauty parlor. Rejuvenation and pampering.

Full shot with lens flare of middle-aged Caucasian lady enjoying herself on swing in garden on sunny autumn day, and crates with freshly harvested fruit and vegetables beside