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Scientist hand typing on laptop. Female scientist hands on laptop. Close up of woman hands typing on laboratory laptop. Closeup of female hands typing on scientist laptop


PAN slowmo of unrecognizable African-American male scientist in protective coveralls, face mask, goggles and gloves working on laptop in laboratory, then looking at camera

Mid-section shot of unrecognizable scientist in lab coat and gloves studying blood sample under microscope, then typing on laptop

In modern laboratory scientist woman types on laptop while her team is walking in the background


Slowmo PAN of scientists in disposable coveralls and face masks using microscope and working on laptop in laboratory

concentrated male chemist in gloves examining sample under microscope connected to computer Spbd. scientific research experiment in chemical laboratory. concept expertise

Medium shot of empty laboratory with microscope and laptop

Scientist is using Laptop with Green Screen in Laboratory. Great for Mock-up Usage.

Lab doctor looking microscope. Laboratory doctor using laptop in medical lab. Medical researcher looking through microscope. Clinical laboratory research. Lab worker using medical microscope

Female scientist working in laboratory. Lab worker typing test report on computer. Scientist woman working on scientist laptop. Lab woman in scientific laboratory. Science laboratory woman working


Tilt up slowmo of unrecognizable female scientist in coveralls, face mask, gloves and goggles working on laptop in laboratory, then looking at camera

male scientist using laptop with microscope

Close up rack focus shot of glass table with laboratory equipment and glassware. There are test tubes, graduated cylinder, microscope, laptop and glasses on it

Experienced male doctor middle-aged with gray beard and hair wearing white gown working with microscope and laptop in the medical lab

Scientist hands typing on laptop keyboard. Female doctor hand typing laptop. Laboratory woman typing on computer keyboard. Close up of female hands using laptop in lab. Female hands typing on laptop


Slowmo PAN of disabled scientist in disposable coveralls, face mask and goggles riding wheelchair towards counter in lab, then typing on laptop


Male scientist using laptop on desk 4k

Two young laboratory technician with laptop and a microscope in the laboratory

Monitor with x-ray image in diagnostic laboratory


Team of scientists discussing over a laptop 4k


Slowmo medium shot of unrecognizable scientist in protective coveralls, face mask and gloves working on laptop in laboratory

Female scientist working in a modern laboratory with reagent in test tubes with blue liquid and adjusting microscope. Scientist using laptop for research.

scientist reading and thinking about notes he has on a pad

Chemist in coverall equipment typing formula on laptop. Scientist doing lab analysis using microscope.


Slowmo close up tracking of unrecognizable female epidemiologist in disposable coveralls, goggles and face mask using wheelchair in laboratory She is riding towards counter and working on laptop

male scientist using laptop and dna molecule

Young engineers working in the laboratory and using a computer

Empty research laboratory interior. Laboratory equipment. Pharmaceutical lab room. Steadyshot of medical laboratory working place. Science lab working area. Modern laboratory room. Research lab

Laptop screen in pharmacy ready for tracking with pharmacist at background

Scientist using microscope in laboratory. Medical researcher looking in medical microscope. Medical laboratory research. Doctor scientist using laptop in lab. Lab researcher working with microscope

Medium shot of mature female biomedical scientist in protective goggles, gloves and lab coat sitting at table in laboratory and studying sample under microscope, then typing on laptop

Panning of African female engineer in lab coat and protective eyewear using laptop while testing factory equipment

High-skilled team of five multi-ethnic medical male and female assistants working together in the lab using virtual reality glasses, test tubes and laptop

Dolly shot of concentrated chemist typing on laptop keyboard in modern high end laboratory full of professional equipment

Professional scientists discussing research at lab


Caucasian senior male doctor wearing lab coat sitting at table talking, giving video consultation

Static over the shoulder shot of medical staff working on green screen laptop in modern research laboratory


Slowmo tilt up shot of male and female scientists in white coats and gloves doing research in laboratory White rats are sitting in glass tanks

scientist working with a microscope and checking findings on a laptop in laboratory 4k


Medicine concept where attractive positive diverse two high-skilled male and female doctors working together with reports and information in laptop in medical lab

Close up shot of hands of male scientist using microscope and typing on laptop while working at desk in laboratory

scientist moves from electronic to regular microscope in his lab

Close up POV footage of male practitioner hands working on laptop with green screen mock-up in modern laboratory

young scientists making test or research in lab

Full shot of two ecologists in protective uniform collecting material for water polluting analysis making notes on laptop sitting near waterside of polluted area

lab tech looking through microscope dolly

Smiling Female Therapist Talking Sitting At Laptop In Office

Young woman Microbiologist in a white coat in protective glasses and gloves examines the liquid in the test tube.