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"laboratory diagnostics"
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scientist hand putting test tubes ampoules bottles in pcr machine Spbas. dna test, molecular biology technology. concept examining, diagnostics, pharmaceutical laboratory

methods of laboratory diagnostics of diseases of human and animals, doctor is exploring analysis

A container with urine is on the table

Modern biochemical analyzer filled with test tubes. spbd Genetics worker putting inserting test tubes bottles with dna into the pcr thermal cycler or amplifier for diagnostics. concept pharmaceutical

Preparation of a laboratory mouse for experiment

Gastroenterologist doctors with probe performing gastroscopy

The hand immerses the test in a container with urine

Magnetic resonance image of human body on monitor. Ct-scan expertise in modern medical centre. Computed tomography x-ray diagnostics. 3d mri scan of human rib cage

The doctor takes a swab from the girl's mouth

Close up of a nurse drawing blood into a test tube and removing the needle out of a man's arm

Successful team of mixed race doctors having a meeting in conference room

X-ray picture. X-ray of the spine

Female researcher microscoping in scientific genetic laboratory. Biochemical expertise and diagnostic. Close up biologist looking in microscope. High technology clinic equipment. Lab exam

doctor working with x-ray scan on tablet pc

Team of young multi national doctors discussing the x-ray picture of the patient while sitting at the table in the traumatology center.

Two monitors with diagrams in laboratory

X-ray picture video stock footage

genetics worker putting test tubes bottles with DNA into the PCR thermal cycler Spbas or amplifier for diagnostics. concept pharmaceutical, analysis, scientific. pharma machinery

Magnetic resonance image of patient body on monitor. High technology ct-scan expertise. Computed tomography x-ray image in medical centre. Mri scan of human rib cage

Medical diagnostic laboratory with x-ray equipment

Medical equipment and x-ray apparatus in diagnostic laboratory

Tomography scan machine in hospital room. High technology radiography expertise equipment. Computed tomography in medical centre. Medicine equipment and healthcare. Medical mri examination procedure

Slow motion shot of an automated pipetting system in France. Scientist

doctor working with x-ray scan on tablet pc

Digital device for analysis of blood

Tomography scan of human rib cage on monitor. Computed tomography x-ray image in medical centre. Medicine equipment and healthcare. Medical examination procedure

Technologist or pathologist using a microscope in a medical laboratory during a diagnostic test or while doing scientific research

A paper strip for medical tests

Doctor working with microscope in laboratory. Medical expertise and diagnostic procedure. Close up of modern microscope with test sample. Scientific research equipment in lab

Portrait of a thinking doctor or scientist in a laboratory, close-up. Doctor makes a decision

X-ray pictures in doctors room

X-ray pictures video stock footage

X-ray pictures in a doctors office

Automated pipetting system in action in a laboratory. France

two scientists are exploring biological samples in medical laboratory, diagnostic by analysis, male and female technicians

closeup doctor scientist inserting bottles dna hiv blood test tubes in pcr machine Spbd. chemist hand preparing bottles for analyzing in pcr diagnostics machinery. pharmaceutical equipment

Scientific pharmaceutical research equipment. Robotic machine for blood centrifugation. Close up biochemical analyzer. Biotech centrifuge in scientific laboratory. Pharmaceutical manufacturing

Medical blood separation test centrifuge in chemical laboratory. Close up medical expertise procedure. Automatic biomedical lab equipment. Biochemical scientific research. Robotic medicine equipment

Medicine equipment at pharmaceutical manufacturing. Medical expertise equipment at medical lab. Close up biomedical laboratory centrifuge working. Automatic biochemical analyzer

Beit Shean, November 20 2018. Scientists Testing a Radar in an anechoic chamber

Monitor with x-ray image in diagnostic laboratory

Medical expertise equipment. Laboratory worker working with biochemical analyzer. Microbiologist working with analyzing test. Modern biomedical diagnostic

woman doctor scientist inserting bottles dna rest tubes in panel Spbd. female chemist preparing ampoules for analyzing in pcr diagnostics machine. concept pharmaceutical

doctor working with x-ray scan on tablet pc

doctor working with x-ray scan on tablet pc

Testing a of a Radar in an anechoic chamber

Researcher man working with microscope in lab. Lab doctor doing microscope research. Medical researcher looking microscope. Lab man doing lab research. Scientist doing laboratory microscope research

A young girl shows the doctor an outpatient card and laboratory tests in the clinic.