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"laboratory centrifuge"
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Medical laboratory centrifuge

Close up shot of blood samples spinning in centrifuge during fractionation process. Lab worker turning it off, opening lid and taking off test tubes for analyzing

Blood sample in micro tubes

Close up shot of hands of unrecognizable laboratory worker placing test tubes with blood samples into centrifuge and turning it on


A woman microbiologist works with analyses, and reagents in the laboratory.

Scientist using centrifuge machine in laboratory 4k

Medical laboratory centrifuge. Medical centrifuge for hashing of measuring glasses

Close up of centrifugation of assays in test tubes

A robotic sample carousel moving under a glass cover.

A scientist working in a laboratory, she puts some vials in the centrifuge

Platelet rich plasma Injection concept

Male scientist removing medical vials from centrifuge 4k

Rotating glass bottles with yellow liquid

Scientist using a pipette in a laboratory with a centrifuge

Medicine equipment at pharmaceutical manufacturing. Medical expertise equipment at medical lab. Close up biomedical laboratory centrifuge working. Automatic biochemical analyzer

Doctor put blood in tube in centrifuge for centrifugal plasmapheresis

Material in the tubes, chemical equipement

Male scientist pouring solution in medical vials 4k

Doctor puts vial with vein blood in the centrifuge

Material in the tubes, chemical equipement

Rotating glass bottles with yellow liquid

Work with genetic material. Centrifuge

Scientific pharmaceutical research equipment. Robotic machine for blood centrifugation. Close up biochemical analyzer. Biotech centrifuge in scientific laboratory. Pharmaceutical manufacturing

In the laboratory, a woman in a Bathrobe and gloves sets human cell samples in test tubes in a centrifuge to untwist and separate the extra layers of cells. Opens the lid and pulls out the test tubes

Male scientist removing medical vials from centrifuge 4k

Modern robotic machine for blood centrifugation and urinalysis. Medical blood separation test centrifuge in chemical lab. Close up biomedical laboratory equipment. Biochemical automatic complex

Biomedical laboratory centrifuge working. Pharmaceutical manufacturing. Automatic biochemical analyzer with computer control. Modern biomedical diagnostics

Laboratory for blood analysis.

A scientist turns on the centrifuge, the shot moves from the bottom to the top

Female hand putting blood sample in centrifuge and turning on equipment. Extreme close-up of automated machinery working in laboratory. Medicine, Covid-19 vaccine development.

Rotating glass bottles with yellow liquid

Rotating glass bottles with foamed yellow liquid

Female hand in gloves taking out flask with processed blood sample from centrifuge. Close-up of unrecognizable lab assistant working in laboratory. Coronavirus vaccine, Covid-19 pandemic.

Microbiology laboratory centrifuge

Nurse placing blood tubes in the laboratory centrifuge

High technology hospital laboratory equipment. Laboratory assistant working with automatic biochemical analyzer. Close up woman hand with blood analyzing test tube. Modern biotechnology diagnostic

Close up shot of a tube in a centrifuge. French laboratory

Female hands in protective gloves putting empty flask into centrifuge. Unrecognizable Caucasian doctor examining blood tests in laboratory on Covid-19 pandemic. Coronavirus vaccine development.

Medical clinic. A blood test. Dripping the blood on the glass and grinding the sample on the glass. Side angle

Doctor in gloves works with blood test tubes for analysis of chinese coronavirus. Scientist technician puts vacutainer out of centrifuge. Covid virus epidemic research and vaccine development concept.

Medical clinic. Nurse puts the blood samples in the blood centrifuge and closes it

Large centrifuge in the glass box

Medical blood separation test centrifuge in chemical laboratory. Close up medical expertise procedure. Automatic biomedical lab equipment. Biochemical scientific research. Robotic medicine equipment

Laboratory for blood analysis.

Medical expertise equipment. Laboratory worker working with biochemical analyzer. Microbiologist working with analyzing test. Modern biomedical diagnostic

Medical clinic. A blood test. A nurse shaking the vitro with blood and takes the sample into the pipette

Medical clinic. Blood test. The machine shows the results.

Medical clinic. Nurse holding an test tube with blood sample. Close up